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personalized shirts with flair {Luna B. Tee}

As a newly turned four year old, my daughter is shoulder deep in excitement over letters.  She loves to point out letters to me everywhere we go, and the never ending ABC song… it haunts my dreams.  Naturally, my daughter’s favorite letter is “S” since her name is Savannah.  When her personalized tee came, she proudly put it on, and demanded we go somewhere, anywhere.  Mostly for my own amusement, I agreed.  My daughter brimmed with excitement as we raced out into public eye.  With every stranger she passed, she turned to face them and puffed her chest out, making sure they wouldn’t miss her “S” and “savannah” print.  Many of the strangers played along with her adorable neediness.  Even if they didn’t ask, my daughter proudly boomed, “I’m Savannah Mae” with a huge grin on her face, pointing to her shirt.  Priceless.

I know we have all seen the tees with initials or names before, but Luna B. Tee has my favorite fonts and color patterns.  The tee I received is of high quality 100% ringspun cotton that has not been pre-shrunk, which is why I ordered a size up.  The print color is super vibrant, even after multiple washings.  I ordered the Initial Name Shirt from the Luna B. Collection, but there are many other options.  Luna B has a great collection of big sister/brother, holiday, birthday, and even dog tees.  Personalized items make for great gifts because they show thought.  The same way you would engrave a special item for a loved one, personalized items show the same care.  Anyone can pick up an item and purchase it;  but it takes a little more planning to give a individual-specific gift.  Luna B. is also great for schools, sports teams, clubs, and the like.

Here’s my little shutterbug today out documenting the winter foliage in her Initial Name.  Purchase your own personalized items at Luna B. Tee.

Special thanks to Luna B. Tee for providing a sample tee for review purposes.

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