how to be the perfect party guest


The holiday party invites are starting to roll in – are you excited? I just love how the holidays bring us all together, whether is a neighborhood cocktail hour or a company Christmas party. Before you head out, ask yourself this question: are you the perfect party guest? Follow my rules below and you’re sure to be invited to all of the coolest parties year-round!

how to be the perfect party guest

how to be the perfect party guest

arrive on time: not before, not late

First of all, RSVP to any party you have been invited to so the hostess knows who she can count on. Show up on time – NEVER EARLY – my gosh, is there anything worse than a surprise guest 20 minutes too early? Any hostess will be rushing around right before the party to get things done, don’t pop in early and be an inconvenience. Don’t arrive late though either. On time!

bring your manners

Be a gracious guest. Don’t over-offer your help, don’t be complicated or ask for things off the menu, clean up after yourself and everything else your mama told you to do!

mingle with guests

When you go to a party, you are agreeing to mingle and be social. If you tend to be introverted (like I can be) push yourself to talk to new people and don’t forget to ask questions. If you become anti-social, the hostess will feel obligated to spend more time tending to you. She has enough to do.

how to be a perfect party guest

leave on time

You know what’s worse than the early party guest. It’s the party guest who won’t leave! The hostess’ duties don’t stop when everyone leaves. She has lots of cleanup to do, so unless she has asked you to help stay and clean up – head for the door with everyone else. Take cues (like everyone else is gone, hostess is watching the clock, the last of the wine is gone, etc) and make you departure short and sweet.

bring a gift

Let me be more specific, bring the wine. It is always important to bring a hostess gift, but even more so during the holidays. Have fun with the season of giving! I think the best hostess gifts are those that can be used during the dinner/party – so a nice bottle of wine, a desert, chocolates or cheeses…

how to be the perfect party guest

Wine is my go-to hostess gift because it is always well received. It can be served at dinner or kept for later (unlike bringing food). It’s generally a great idea to find out what wine your hostess prefers, but if you’re not sure – play it safe. For whites, a chardonnay like Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay is a great idea. For a red, try Wente Charles Wetmore Cabernet Sauvignon or – one of my top favorites- Wente Riva Ranch Pinot Noir.

Wente Riva Ranch Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is my favorite wine and this one from Wente Vineyards is perfection. You don’t need to spend a ton on a hostess gift, but it is a reflection of you. Chose a wine that you would drink and enjoy, at least! Don’t forget to top your bottle with the perfect gift accessory – a gift tag, an ornament, a long-bearded gnome or stick it in a gift bag/sock!

the perfect hostess gift

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