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One of the best things I ever purchased for my kids is their easel.  Not one day ever passes without one or both of them creating a work of art – in chalk, crayon, marker or paint. Today, we had a painting morning and it struck me that my mom’s birthday is coming up quickly.  **spoiler alert mom, the kids painted you something!**  I have already purchased her Hallmark Song Card, but I wanted the kids to put in something special and handmade – and so vegetable-stamped flowers it was!  This would be super fabulous for Mother’s Day as well.

Vegetables make great impromptu paint stamps, and I’m always reaching for them.  The favorites in my house are celery and lettuce “butts” which have a great flower shape naturally and are easy for small hands to hold.  This morning I grabbed two romaine heart ends and a celery end, some paints and let the kids get to work.

Once the flowers had been stamped, it was clear we needed a paintbrush for the stems.  I couldn’t find any (of course!) so I went back to the fridge for a solution.  It is spring, so naturally I had a few bunches of asparagus in there – the perfect natural paintbrush!  I was surprised how well it actually worked!

Vegetable stamps are the best for kids since you always have them lurking in your fridge.  I get pretty excited repurposing garbage, so this little trick thrills me!  Even the messy or barely there flowers look adorable so it is hard not to get great results.  If you’re going to put them in a card, just wait for them to dry and then cut them out.  Let Grandma arrange them on her fridge!

When it comes to picking the right card for a birthday or Mother’s Day, nothing is better than a song card.  I head right to the Hallmark Sound Cards, because who doesn’t love that extra surprise when they open the card?  Kids, of course, go crazy for them, but they aren’t just for kids!

What upcoming events do you have that would require a musical greeting card?  I have an amazing giveaway for my readers from Hallmark that includes an assortment of Hallmark Sound Cards!  Just enter below by telling me which card you like the most at


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