Original Ranch Spinach Dip with Vegetables

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With all the changes that have happened in our family’s daily schedule this year, I’m loving recipes that I can make ahead and work well as leftovers. Between my husband’s job that never ends and my daughter’s late night all star cheer practices, dinner is often served in waves. That’s life for a lot of families though, right? This has been the year I’ve committed to meal planning, meal prepping and going with the flow! I’ve also been relying on quick, vegetable-based appetizers for my vegetarian kids. One trick to great-tasting vegetable dishes most all kids will love – seasoning, ranch seasoning.

I lucked out with my first child who really has always loved pretty much all vegetables. My second child started off a “picky eater” but started to warm up to a select few veggies around 5. Carrots were the first to make his will-eat-happily list. Celery followed, but only with a dip or hummus. I don’t mind because a dip is just another way to add a vegetable!

A few years ago, I decided to go vegan for health reasons. I never wanted to abruptly changed my kids’ food choices but switching them to vegetarian was really super simple. One thing I’ve found since switching them to vegetarian is they eat SO many more vegetables now. Instead of focusing on meat replacement proteins, I always try to make the vegetables the star and we’ve all become a lot healthier because of it.

On weekday nights with exceptionally wacky schedules, I rely on foods I prepped or made ahead. Every Sunday (or Monday) I make a few meals that I can just heat and eat. A few go-tos: chickpea meatloaf, tofu-stuffed shells and a soup. I also prep cold meals like sandwiches (mostly for my husband to take to work) a giant bowl of salad, and a container of chopped vegetables. It’s nice to have a container of chopped vegetables in the fridge for healthy snacking. It really helps curb us all from reaching for a bag of potato chips.

When you’re prepping your meals for the week, and I promise you it isn’t that hard once you get in the habit, don’t forget to also prep a few containers of dips. When your family is HANGRY and dinner isn’t ready yet, a plate full of vegetables with a hummus or creamy spinach dip is just perfect! It’s also great as an after school snack, midday munchies, and more. A really kid-friendly dip recipe is Original Ranch Spinach Dip. Your kids won’t even notice the spinach with all the zippy, zesty flavor of ranch.


Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker is one of my best secret weapons in the kitchen. It not only adds seasoning, but a TON of bright, tangy ranch flavor. It’s basically the best thing ever for a family who eats a lot of vegetables! It works awesome in all kinds of dips and vegetable sides. My kids also love it sprinkled over their movie popcorn.

Now you could totally serve this Original Ranch Spinach Dip in a bowl, but I recommend opting for a bread bowl. I don’t think I need to convince anyone that bread makes every meal better. Ready to make this simple, few ingredient dip?

Find the Original Ranch Spinach Dip recipe HERE!

You can find the Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker at many local grocers near you. Share what fun and easy ways you’re going to add the ranch flavor you love to your weeknight meals. #HVRlove. Learn about the Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker and find more recipes like the one I used here*!

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