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nursery organization with the modular diaperDEPOT {Prince Lionheart}

Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot

Let’s face it, in the early weeks after a baby is born you’re living in a bit of a daze on auto pilot. Sleep deprived and working off of fumes, when your child needs their diaper changed, you need everything at hand or you just might fall victim to using toothpaste instead of diaper rash cream on your little one. I’m currently in the midst of this stage with a 5 week old at home and Prince Lionheart’s modular diaperDEPOT not only helps me keep all the essential diaper changing items right at hand, but it makes me look a lot more organized than I feel these days. Right now we have two diaper changing stations, in the nursery and in our master bedroom since the baby is sleeping in a co-sleeper next to our bed at night. What’s great is that the diaperDEPOT can actually be separated for two stations. I have them both set the same way as you see in the photo in both rooms, but as you merge back into one room as the baby grows, you can change up the station. In fact, you can make up to 6 different configurations to suit your needs!

You can keep diapers separated from swim diapers and use one of the trays for diaper changing essentials and the other for after bathtime care. It’s completely versatile and you’ll have fun changing it up with whatever you need to it do for you. Plus it wipes down extremely easily and is so light that if you wanted, you could take it with you into another room with its easy to grab handles. It also comes with a detachable hook for hanging on the side of a changing table or pack and play. I adore this little gadget and it’s reduced the space needed for these items on my daughter’s dresser because now I can place the wipe warmer on top of the diaperDEPOT versus next to my old basket I used to hold diapers and ointments.

 Check out a few of the configurations below to see how the modular diaperDEPOT can help you organize your nursery. You can even keep half of it at your house and half at grandma’s for when she babysits! Such a great versatile item from Prince Lionheart. It makes this sleepy mommy look a little more put together when people come over to visit.


Special thanks for product provided to facilitate this review.

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