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Organic QuickZip Crib Sheets {Clouds and Stars}

QuickZip crib sheetLate night feedings and diaper changes are unavoidable  constants, so lets not add any more tedious tasks to the night.  Having to change the crib bedding at night is not ideal but with the QuickZip Crib sheet, you can do it in a flash — or a zip.  The QuickZip Crib Sheet is actually two parts — a zippered base and zippered sheet — so when there is an accident, simply zip off the top sheet and zip on a new one.  Pure genius.

Sometimes babies makes messes, and by sometimes I mean all the time.  Whether it is a diaper blow out or a milky spit up, babies are burping liquid bombs.  Messes are par for the course but when they happen at night, mom and dad can get a little testy.  But now, there is no need to do a full mattress strip down — just unzip the top, toss in the laundry and zip on a fresh sheet.  For a time saving luxury such as the QuickZip, you may think quality would suffer but it doesn’t.  In fact, QuickZip is offered in preshrunk 100% cotton and Organic cotton, the zipper is covered not exposed, and super durable.

The convenience and quality of the QuickZip Crib Sheets is enough to make any parent buy, but there are more benefits.  The crib has turned into a scary place these days — no bumpers, no pillows, crib recalls… With the QuickZip system the bottom sheet surrounds the underside of the mattress, so no slipping off the corners.  Fitted sheets can pop off at the corners but it is impossible with QuickZip meaning no entanglement danger.

Also at Clouds and Stars you will find bedding for your play yard.  The play yard is an essential item, and needs to be protected as such.  A quality waterproof pad to cover the play yard mattress will save you a lot of headaches.  I’ve noticed many parents overlook this until it is too late.  Babies spend so much time in the play yard napping, playing and even snacking so protect your investment with the PortaBaby collection — waterproof mattress protective pad and  safety sheet (both available Organic).   The PortaBaby Safety Sheet covers the mattress like a pillowcase and zippers on the side — no slipping here either.  The PortaBaby bedding not only fits play yards but also co-sleepers.

Find all of these must-have essentials at Clouds and Stars available for purchase.

Products were provided by Clouds and Stars to facilitate this review.

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