no ordinary wet bag {Protopye}

The other day I was fishing around online for a new wet bag. For those of you who are un-familiar with this family necessity, I will explain. A wet bag is a waterproof bag used for wet items such as bathing suits or used cloth diapers. We are a cloth diapering family, and we also swim a lot, so we always have wet bags around.  However, I felt we needed something different.  I found it in Prototype.

As I was searching, I stumbled upon an etsy page that completely stuck out to me. Protopye makes a wetbag that looks like a monster with creepy colorful legs that double as straps! Now, don’t get me wrong, some wet bags have the most adorable prints and can be fashionable. But, this particular seller was thinking outside the box and wanted to make a wet bag more fun and WEARABLE.  This is an awesome feature as it allows mom or dad to have both hands free!

Their monster wet bags sell for $30 and are well worth the price considering the time spent to make them, and just how unique yet functional they are. This cute little bugger can hang out on your back deck near your pool ready to gobble up your wet suits, or can be worn on your shoulder/s like a backpack when taking a trip to the beach. If you are planning on using this for cloth diapering, keep in mind the size of it. It is large enough to fit approximately 3 one size cloth diapers, so it would be best for taking out to run errands. If you are going on vacation you would need a large wetbag to stay at your hotel, and this cute and colorful monster pal can tag along with you while you are out and about.   No need to lug around that bulky wet bag anymore.

I like how eco-friendly these bags are because before discovering them, I was using plastic store bags for my wet swimwear.  They did not always keep the wetness out either. Not only are the Monster wet bags soft on the outside, but they are fully lined with waterproof material (PUL) and are completely leak free. The design is perfect for kids. The opening is the monster’s mouth, so they get to “feed” him their wet clothes! My daughter loves it and I couldn’t be happier with this find.  Dimensions: 9 1/2 ” across x 10 1/2 ” tall excluding his legs.  Check out Prototype’s other awesomely adorable  items in their Etsy Shop.

Special thanks to Prototype for providing a sample for review purposes.


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