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Being in Arizona, we don’t ever Spring Forward or Fall Back, we remain the same all year. Did you know that there’s actually a time zone called “Arizona” because I didn’t know that until I moved here. Thankfully, changing the clocks is never something we battle in our house, but I know many who do. Sleep is a precious thing, I value ever bit I get especially since I went so long without it (my 19 month old didn’t sleep through the night until 14 months). I’ve recently seen a drastic improvement in my sleep when I do yoga before bed. I’m talking mouth gaping open, dead to the world kind of sleep. Finding what works for your children will likely be different than what works for you. Dr. Zak, creator of Zarbee’s Naturals has a lot of great advice as well as safe and effective products to choose from.

Zarbee’s Naturals has 9 steps to a good night’s sleep:

1. Consistency is Key. Nothing is more important to sleep than a consistent schedule. Whenever possible, keep bedtimes and routines the same across every night of the week. Avoid letting children stay up later and sleep in longer on weekends. The three-hour shift in your child’s sleep cycle is like the jet lag felt the morning after a flight from New York to California.

2. Create a Sleep Friendly Bedroom. Bedrooms should be dark, quiet and slightly cool. Get rid of television and other bedroom distractions. Avoid using the bedroom for punishments and time-outs. Make it a comfortable place where children can feel safe. You also can equip your child to handle nighttime fears by providing a night light, stuffed animals or flashlight.

3. Stick to a Routine. Dedicating 20 to 30 minutes each night to the same bedtime routine allows children the chance to wind down and prepare for sleep. Dim the lights and turn down the volume. Avoid high-energy play too close to bedtime, as it can leave children feeling “wired” for several hours.

4. Go “e-free” in the Evening. In our device driven world, it’s not enough to just keep the TV off before bedtime. Studies have shown that the light emitted from electronics, including handheld devices, electronic books, and video games, can interfere with normal sleep cycles.

5. Teach How to Sleep. It’s common for children to wake up in the middle of the night. By allowing children to sleep in their own bed, without you holding or lying by their side, they will learn to go back to sleep on their own. Check your child as often as you would like, but the goal is to have your child fall asleep independently.

6. Going to Sleep is Not a Game. Many children try to “escape” sleep by calling for parents or leaving their beds. Wait a few seconds to respond and then firmly remind your child that it is time to sleep. Expectations should be communicated, consistent and enforced.

7. Know the Numbers.

Zarbees Sleep

8. Brighten the Day and Stay Active. The morning sun or other bright lights will help shift the timing of your child’s natural sleep cycle. Early light exposure will result in earlier evening drowsiness. Daily physical activity will also improve your child’s ability to fall and stay asleep.

9. No Caffeine for Bedtime Snack. Caffeine should be avoided in children altogether, but especially during 3 to 4 hours before bedtime. A light snack of warm milk and cookies, bananas, or nuts can help relax children.

Bedtime foods

If you or your child happen to be fighting a cold or something else and just need a little extra help, please check out Zarbee’s Naturals sleep products. My husband swears by Zarbee’s Naturals Sleep. When he isn’t feeling well, he has a hot glass of the drink and is snoring in a matter of minutes. His sister recently visited and happened to have a cold. He made her a glass, she got four sips into it and zonked on our couch. His products and advice are safe, effective and easy to use. Zarbee’s Naturals is sharing a coupon code for $1.50 off Zarbee’s Naturals Childrens sleep as well as free shipping on all orders over $10. Simply use zarbeessleep at checkout.

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