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New Year’s Resolution: Spend More Time with Family

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The #1 New Year’s Resolution is generally health and fitness. Another top resolution is to spend more time with family and friends. Last year, I focused a lot on my own health. I went full vegan, I committed to drinking a gallon of water every day and I got back on track with daily fitness. This year, I’m focusing more on my emotional health and happiness. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my family and so that is my goal!

For sure, I already spend a lot of time with my family. I work from home with this blog and I also homeschool both kids this year. We are around each other a LOT, but just because you are in the same house as your kids doesn’t mean you’re spending quality time with them. So most of the time I’m at home, I’m working, teaching or doing house chores. It’s still better than not seeing them while I work away from the home or they are at school, but it’s still important to set aside dedicated family time.

A lot of my life looks like this:

How to Spend More Time with Family

blend family time with workout time

One of the easiest ways to work in more family time is to combine it with another daily task… like working out. Instead of spending the day working out solo, mix it up with the kids! Take a family bike ride, hike or swim together…. heck, even just running around the yard playing tag works! Now you’ve killed two birds with one stone, so to speak.

eat dinner together

Just as above, we’re mixing two daily tasks together – family time and dinner. Eating dinner together can be difficult these days with technology encroachment, over-scheduled kids and worn out working moms, but it is an opportune time to spend with family. Take this half hour to ask each other questions, talk about your day, laugh and bond. It can be a great place to discuss important family topics like scheduling or solving problems as well.

find a family hobby

It is awesome for everyone in the family to have their own hobby separate from the rest, but a common family hobby brings the family together like nothing else! Growing up, our family hobby was skiing. It was something we all did together, for years, and my favorite childhood memories are all connected to that one hobby. Find something that you can all enjoy and do it often. This could be anything, not just sports – could be camping, reading (hello family book club), arts & crafts, even gaming!

designated family night

For those who have a very structured schedule, choosing a family night once a week might be key. Carve out that dedicated night to just family – game night, movie night, whatever your family enjoys doing together at home. Keep it simple and focused on having fun while opening up a dialog for conversation!

participate in organizations together

Another easy way to sneak in time when the family is all together is to participate in extracurriculars together. One thought is volunteering together, which really helps to develop children’s character. Not only will they experience the joy that serving others brings, but they will also see you leading by example. A place we go twice a week, every week, together is church. Church is an easy way for us all to be together on a regular basis. Figure out what’s going on in your local community and plug in as a family.

let the kids help you

Sometimes I am just so busy that I want to quickly accomplish everything on my own. I am a self-confessed control freak/micro-manager (which I think only came about in the last few years). BUT daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, gardening can be really fun for kids if you include them. Yes, they will screw up/make a mess/add more time to the task but they love feeling important. It is a great everyday way to bond and also teach life skills.

What are your resolutions this year? Maybe it’s to lose a few pounds and be healthier, maybe it’s to spend more time with your kids or maybe it’s to be more productive at work or organized at home. Whatever your goals for the year, a clean and fresh home is always a great way to start out. We keep our home smelling fresh all year long with Febreze ONE Fabric & Air Mist, which works in every room.

When our house is unkempt, I can’t focus on my goals and tasks. When I start my day, I begin with any light cleanup needed and a thorough spray of the whole house with my favorite scent: Febreze ONE Bamboo. Unlike other heavily perfumed air fresheners, Febreze ONE lightly scents the air while also getting rid of current odors. It contains no aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes – perfect for any room and fabric surfaces.

Febreze ONE is easy to use; simply pump the nozzle once for a little spritz, or three times for a continuous spray. Spray in the air and on fabrics until damp to eliminate odors. When your canister runs out, purchase refills from your local retailer.

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