New Year, New You: how to prioritize mom this year

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The very definition of mom is a person puts her kids before herself. It is a rewarding job and we don’t often think twice about putting ourselves on the back burner, but can this selflessness be a bad thing? It naturally happens over time and if you don’t recognize you’re doing it, you might burn out. A new year is approaching and we need to celebrate “new year, new you”!  Take it to heart this year by prioritizing yourself – put mom first in 2018!

how to prioritize yourself when a mom

This past year was a big one for me personally, in all areas of wellness from physical to mental to spiritual. Looking back, I realize that I had been  going through the motions. For a really long time, I was a mom and not much else. I was surviving on coffee, wine and hugs from my kids. My health (in all aspects) was in the toilet and no one would have guessed. The truth is, while my life looked put-together from the outside, I had lost myself somewhere in all of the labels I was wearing – mom, wife, homeschool teacher, income earner. I forgot to take care of myself.

For those who can relate, know that you can’t do it forever. Eventually something has to give and give it did. Sometime last winter while co-coaching my daughter’s cheerleading team, it gave.  That dull pressure in my lower back (that I had been ignoring for way too long bc I “didn’t have time” for a doctor’s appointment) turned to pain. And what had started as a simple bladder infection had turned into a bad kidney infection. By putting myself dead last, I was allowing permanent damage to my kidneys. *squeezy teeth emoji*

how to make yourself a priority - New Year resolutions

It was a dramatic wake up call, one that absolutely terrified me, but it set into motion an incredible life change for me. I realized it was time to put myself first and there was no harm in that. I immediately altered my diet to fit my diagnosis, which meant going full plant-based diet (animal protein is hard on your kidneys), reducing my salt (wahhhh), drinking a gallon of water a day and taking all kinds of supplements.

…and you know what? It works. I feel amazing these days, more energized and focused than ever before. I still have kidney issues, but I’ll never let symptoms go unchecked again.

More change was needed other than physical, though, that was for sure. I was “burning the candle at both ends” as my parents say and I certainly wasn’t putting my needs anywhere near the top of the list. That had to change and it has, though it took me most of the year to figure out how – watch out 2018! Want to prioritize yourself this year, mom? Here’s how:

spend time with your hobbies

Find happiness outside of your family by doing the things you enjoy most – regularly. Read that book you’ve been hearing about, head out solo shopping, hit the ski slopes, hike a trail at sunset… okay these are things that make ME happy, but you get the idea.

make your sleep #1

I’ve seen one too many t-shirts and mugs stating the correlation between coffee and being a mom. Not getting enough sleep is a serious lifestyle problem that affects all aspects of your life like energy and morale. Don’t rely on caffeine to get you through life – make time for quality sleep!

learn to say no and delegate

There are only so many hours during the day and you need 6 or 7 of those hours for sleep. Set realistic expectations for yourself and if something doesn’t fit – just say no. Learn to delegate when you’re over-scheduled and remember that it is okay to ask for help!

focus on your health

If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Make this year your healthiest yet by eating right and staying active. Focus on other aspects of your health as well – mental, emotional and spiritual. Spend time with yourself, reflect on things you’d like to change and set your goals into motion.

campbell's well yes! soups vegan

While this past year has been quite the journey, I’m looking forward to starting a new one. This year, I want to take what I’ve learned and put it into practice. I hope you guys will join me – let it be Year of the Mom!

If anything, let this be the year we say YES! to healthy eating. The best way to stick to a healthy eating is to keep your pantry and fridge stocked – with good food! Convenience is key for busy families, so delicious, nutritious foods like Well Yes!® Soups are perfect go-tos. I always keep my pantry filled with these!

Campbell's Well Yes Soups

The chill in the air is real here in the desert nights, so my current idea of me-time is cuddling up with a mug of warm soup, along with a book or remote.  I choose Well Yes!® soups because they contain whole, purposeful ingredients, no artificial flavors or colors. They are made with non-GMO ingredients and the cans do not contain BPA in the lining.

What are you saying YES! to this year? I hope one answer is yourself because you deserve it, mom! In sharing this moment of yes with me, make sure you choose the right foods for fuel. No matter what your dietary choices, Well Yes! Soups can fit in. Since my focus is on a plant-based diet, my favorite varieties are full of vegetables. Enjoy your moment of YES! this year – more inspiration.

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