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mommy gets a break {Nap Nanny Chill}

 I was a bit of a frazzled mess when my daughter was born. After a re-admittance to the hospital when she was just a few days due to being jaundice, i realized that I needed to give her formula as a supplement because I wasn’t doing something right. Only problem with the formula was that I needed to keep her upright for 20 mins after her feedings or she would projectile vomit all over. This was especially hard during her 3 am feedings. I’d feed and then just wait up, watching her for 20 mins before laying her back down in her bed. The one time I decided I was being overly paranoid, I put her in her swing and went in the other room for literally two seconds and I heard the croaking of her vomiting. Never again! What I wouldn’t have given to have a Nap Nanny back then. At least I’ll have it for our next baby.

The Nap Nanny is an infant recliner that’s safe, comfortable and appealing. For those of you that don’t already know, the Nap Nanny was re-designed in the last year. While it looks pretty much the same, it definitely has changed. The bucket of the seat is contoured and the sides have been raised by an inch and a half in the bucket area. This small change makes it more comfortable for smaller babies while still allowing enough room for toddlers. The harness is now anchored between the legs and it no longer uses a D-ring, but the straps come straight through the cover. Plus the harness is now detachable, so once your child is in the toddler stage and you want to convert the Nap Nanny to a toddler chair, you can easily remove the harness. The Nap Nanny is perfect for Infants all the way to toddlers. It’s the perfect movie watching comfy chair! Plus if you can put the baby on their tummies and is it as their tummy time. The incline will allow them to see everything going on around them.

If you aren’t familiar at all with the Nap Nanny, the design mimics the incline of a car seat, because we all know how much babies love to fall asleep in the car seat. Knowing that the car seat doesn’t provide enough Nap Nannycushion or support for them, it’s not safe to keep them in the car seat for long periods of time. So the Nap Nanny gives them the positioning they love with the comfort of the foam. The soft minky fabric is washable and has a waterproof liner to protect the seat for greater longevity. The other great thing is that this seat is portable and only weighs 3 lbs! Move it from room to room so that you can have your infant in the room as you quickly try to shower or take it with you as you visit family and friends. They now even make a travel bag to protect the liner from getting dirty.

All I know is that having a Nap Nanny Chill was an absolute must-have for me and our upcoming baby. I just can’t imagine sitting up for 20 minutes again at 3 am and all other times of the day as the baby has feedings. Plus you can now find all types of custom covers for the Nap Nanny so that you can express your own style. Head over to Nap Nanny here to read more about the features, to see their different color options and to purchase one for yourself or someone you love. My friend just purchased two pink Nap Nanny’s for their newborn twins this week and say that they have no idea how they’d be surviving without them.

Special thanks to Nap Nanny for providing a sample for review purposes.

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  1. Michelle
    May 29, 2014 at 12:14 pm — Reply

    Hope you got rid of it!

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