Namaste for fall {for mom}

Thinking towards fall is more than just back-to-school for the kids.  It’s also time for mom to refresh, rethink, and redesign her wardrobe.  Switching up your handbags seasonally is as important as switching up your footwear.  You wouldn’t wear flip flops in winter or boots in the summer now would you?  Well maybe some of you would, and, depending on your climate, that may be appropriate, but you get my point.  Fall calls for a serious bag with rich colors… deep reds, blues, and purples.

Once I came across Namaste, I knew that I could find an exceptional bag for fall.  Perfection, thy name is Monroe.  The Monroe bag in eggplant is exactly what I look for each autumn.  I always think of deep purple as classic fall, which this eggplant is.  The color is rich and vibrant, yet will go with your entire fall wardrobe.  While Namaste has many bags to chose from, I instantly was drawn the classic Monroe.  It has clean lines and is a  modern staple for any collection.  The Monroe comes in black, eggplant, Hollywood pink, lime, peacock, and red, with the dimensions: 5″ W X 11″ H X 16″ L.

The Monroe features three compartments, not pockets, compartments.  You really can organize your life in this bag, which is what I did.  The front section houses my Namaste wallet (we’ll get to that later) my cell phone, make-up essentials, car keys, things of a personal nature (easy front access items).  The middle compartment is where my iPad lives, along with papers and documents that have to do with work, and the final compartment is where I put items for my daughter like her iTouch, snacks, crayons, and sunglasses (her essentials).  I have always been a fan of over-sized bags for my over-sized life, but in the end they just wind up a mess.  With the Monroe bag, I can have all the space I need and more, yet with professional organization.   This is the ultimate bag for a mom who has outgrown the diaperbags and/or a professional with a lot of work to carry around (including a laptop).  Both the front and back compartments have their own pockets and zippered side.

Here is a feature that I haven’t seen before– a strap buddy.  You know how when you’re carrying a purse on your shoulder that one strap is always falling down?  It will drive you mad after a day of work and errands.  Well this strap buddy is a simple matching piece that, with a button closure, will keep the straps together on your shoulder.  That is genius.

If you are going to buy a Namaste handbag (which you should) then you will need to buy a matching wallet.  It’s not required, but it’s a no-brainer.   They come in the same colors as the handbags and are the perfect size at 8.75″ L x 1″ W x 4.75″ H.  There is a convenient front zipper and a double compartment interior.  The back is roomy with a zippered pouch and a place for a minimum of 8 cards.  Since the wallet is solid and sleek, it could even double as a quick clutch, which I’m notorious for doing.  Purchase your own quality Namaste products (animal-friendly) and ring in fall with the perfect bag!  Knitters Alert: Namaste is famous for their chic knitting accessories.

Special thanks to Namaste for providing a sample for review purposes.

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