music to your kid’s ears {iBoo}

ITKM review itemMy daughter loves music. I knew it was only a matter of time before she requested her own music for her own room. Sure enough, one day after a playdate she came home raving about her friend who had her own CD player in her room. AND it had princesses allllll over it! She was in love. I, however, could only think of all the scratched and broken CD’s, the big character mainstay on her shelf, and the inevitable day that the CD player itself would break. The obvious alternative was an iPod. Next, was the searching through all the different options when it comes to iPod/mp3 player docks. I kept finding the boring alarm clock type docks, which I knew would never trump the idea of a princess CD player. Or the cutesy ones you find in the local superstores

Then I saw a little thumbnail photo of the iBoo. It was adorable! Once I visited the website I knew I’d found IT. Made by Speakal, the iBoo is just one of their family of ipod docks. They also offer the iPig, iPanda, iPom, miSoccer, iCrystal and many upcoming products. My daughter was very excited when her iBoo arrived in the mail and we were immediately required to hook it up and have a family dance party in her room. It looked perfect sitting on her shelf, and didn’t take up too much space. The touch controls for volume, play, and next song were simple and easy for my barely 4 year old to figure out. I was thrilled with the quality of sound, no matter how loud we turned it up (and it gets plenty loud) there was no loss in quality. It does come with a remote which worked wonderfully, but I found the touch controls were much more appropriate for my daughter. The remote was just a little complicated, but would be perfect for an older child or even adult. It has 3 speakers, with 2 being disguised as the iboo’s eyes and the other being on the bottom with the main ‘on/off’ control. I’m pretty sure the smart people at Speakal didn’t design it this way, but it’s perfect for those quiet times when I don’t want her listening to music as she has yet to find this little magic switch hidden on the bottom. Along with all the great features, the iboo also comes with cradles for each different size of ipod, so no matter the ipod, it will sit study in it’s dock. They click in firmly, and they even provided a simple tool for swapping out cradles. As an added bonus, all of Speakal’s products are also eco-friendly and RoHS Compliant! Though the iBoo is designed for ipods, there is an AUX input jack that will allow you to connect other sources. We tried it out with our Zunes, and it worked just as beautifully. My husband has even stolen it a few times to use while he soaks in the jacuzzi outside after a long day. My 20 year old sister in law came to visit and the first thing our daughter showed off was her iBoo, which my sister in law promptly said she wanted for her apartment at college! Though I set out to find the perfect option for my 4 year old, the Speakal products are great for all ages.

So head over to Speakal to purchase your own iBoo, or whichever one fits your needs and decor!

ITKM review item

Special thanks to Speakal for providing a sample for review purposes.

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