music for the kiddos {Caspar Babypants}

I went on a hunt for kid and parent-friendly music.  What does this mean exactly?  Well I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the mainstream “kid” music.  I just watched a commercial the other day for a compilation CD of popular kid songs.  I cringed in horror at the horrendous child-pop songs, resisting the urge to put my right foot through the TV.  It really made my head hurt.  Since my daughter got her first iPod this Christmas (thanks Grandma), I’ve been searching for appropriate music to add.  Sure, I put on a few of my favorite artists that she likes as well: The Avett Brothers, The Beatles, Kings of Leon… but I wanted to find some music especially for her.

I trudged through the cheesy, the cliche, and down-right terrible.  Was it too much to ask for  fun, upbeat, acoustic based tunes?

Right before I threw the towel in, I came across Caspar Babypants, a three piece band.  I clicked on previews of the songs and was pleasantly surprised.  The songs are basically funny and adorable stories sung by Chris Ballew to the strum of his 3-string guitar, plus percussion and keyboard.  I played the samples for my daughter and she giggled hysterically.  I knew this was my first winner.   Chris Ballew (formally the frontman for The Presidents of The United States of America) has switched gears and is producing catchy children’s music under the name Caspar Babypants.  His current three albums: Here I Am!, More Please!, and This Is Fun! are all iPod must-adds.

I dumped them all on my daughter’s iTouch and she plays them on a loop, quickly learning the adorable lyrics.  See her crooning to the left. I think music is so important for kids.  It really exercises the creative side of their brain, expands their vocabulary, and encourages memory.  When it comes down to it, Weird Al said it best, ” caspar babypants is one of the few children’s recording artists I can listen to without wanting to stab myself in the eyes.”  I could not agree more.

Want to listen to some samplings of songs?  Of course you do.  Check out the albums here and prepare to get hooked.  Purchase all three albums ($12 a piece) from CD Baby.  Follow Caspar Babypants on Facebook to keep in the know.

Special thanks to Casper Babypants for providing samples for review purposes.

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