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Multiply and Divide with Sticks and StepsAs my daughter prepares to enter Kindergarten, I am more aware of my role as a teacher.  During our recent move back to Los Angeles, finding a house in the right school district became a larger focus than I had imagined.  At first I thought, “find a highly rated school and she’ll do great”.  But, the more I read reviews of schools (thank you the more I realized even the best school can have a less than amazing teacher.  That was a scary realization.  After all, the actual teacher in the room is more important than the school’s budget, the administrative staff, and even the access to extracurriculars.  What happens if your kid ends up with the bad apple?

Unsatisfied with letting my daughter’s education rely solely on an outside school and outside teachers, I stepped up to the plate.  The only one who can fail my daughter is me.  Her education is my responsibility and therefore, my top priority.

Educating at home means finding new methods, or at least different methods than what the school is offering.  I don’t want to simply restate what my daughter is already learning at her school.  I want to supplement and also help her  understand standard subjects with new techniques.  One such standard subject – Multiplication and Division.  One new technique – Sticks and Steps.

Maureen Stearns, an exceptional student education teacher in St. Petersburg, Florida, has made her career about helping struggling learners.  With an impressive educational background and a clear passion for truly teaching, Stearns has successfully tried her hand at publishing her techniques.  Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps is a book every parent to a elementary schooler should own.  While it is important to memorize multiplication tables, it is equally as important to understand multiplication conceptually.  Failing to succeed at multiplication will have devastating consequences as your child continues onto higher math.  According to Stearns, multiplication is where many students get hung up, which leads to difficulty in the following skill set of long division.

Stearn promises that with her method a child can learn to multiply in just 5 minutes.  A promise like that really grabs my attention.  To learn (and teach) the method you’re going to have to buy the book.  What I will say is that if you have a visual learner under your wings, this technique will be a real eye-opener for them.  While I think struggling and/or visual learners would benefit most from this book, I can see it being a great “back up” for all kids.

A beautiful thing I learned firsthand with Sticks and Steps is that it is so simple, really an “ah-ha”, that much younger kids will be able to grasp it.  While the concepts of multiplication and division may be more complex than my 5 year old knows, she already has a good hold on them.  That is purely thanks to Sticks and Steps as I have not tried to even broach the topic previously.  I know this book will come in handy throughout her early math education.  Purchase Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps and continue to be the teacher your kids need to thrive.

I received a product to facilitate this sponsored review.

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