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This post is sponsored by Sam’s Club. 

This school year was pretty busy and I gotta say, I’m looking forward to summer break.  For as much as I gripe about Palm Springs in the summer (insert sun and flame emojis) I do love how much time we spend together, usually in the pool.  The kids are content to be at home because we have SO much fun playing games in the pool, relaxing in the spa and enjoying summer foods from the grill.  Check my previous post for our favorite pool games.

It was 105 today, so it already almost feels like summer, and we took the afternoon off to enjoy the pool together.  Not willing to cut into our pool time, I ordered everything we needed the night before on the Sam’s Club website with their Club Pick-Up.   I was able to order everything I needed from frozen foods to sunscreen.  I ordered it all right from home, while soaking in a little vitamin D.

I even paid for it online, so when we got into Sam’s Club this morning, I just scanned my card and my order met me at the register.  SO simple and so quick.  We were out of there in no time. Sam’s Club Pick-Up takes the stressful, time-consuming part out of fully stocking a home.

The staff was all super helpful, friendly and efficient, but I will note, they are very weary of men carrying large, professional DSLR cameras with zoom lenses on them.  Even one of the club shoppers pulled him aside to make sure he wasn’t taking peeping tom photos (my back was to him hahah).  Nice to see women looking out for each other, I guess!  Sorry Neil = )

We probably had a funny looking pick up order with our pool party essentials – popsicles, vegan burgers, watermelons, sunscreen, and pool toys – but there are no rules to the Sam’s Club Pick Up.  Order what you need and they will have it ready for you!

When we got home, the kids stripped off their outer layers and headed straight for the pool.  I sliced up the watermelon (the perfect pool snack) and settled into a lounger to pat myself on the back for my efficient shopping skillz.  Most of the afternoon was really relaxing – the pool games, the kids’ laughter, the food… the cannonball contest tsunami-ing onto my work computer… the typical.

It didn’t take Gabe long to go find the huge box of frozen fruit bars we had just picked up at Sam’s Club.  You just can’t have a day in the pool without them.  That’s a rule here.  The only problem then was figuring out what flavor Gabe wanted to have first.

So while the kiddos were hanging in the pool with their pops, I headed to the kitchen to sizzle up some vegan burgers that I was super happy to find at Sam’s Club. That’s the thing about Sam’s Club, it is definitely a one-stop shop for just about everything, even vegan.  As a busy mom, that’s much appreciated.  I don’t know what I’d do without that place.

Looking to spend more time with your kids and less time shopping for groceries and supplies?  Using Sam’s Club Pick-Up makes this dream a reality.   You’ll look like a Supermom who always has a stocked home but also ample time to spend creating quality memories.  That’s definitely the mom I want to be.  Check out the wide variety of household items available with Sam’s Club Pick-Up.  Don’t have a Sam’s Club membership yet?  Sign up now and get a$20 gift card and a $20 coupon book!!

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