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monogrammed sleek rain boots {mommy and me}

April showers, bring May flowers.  It’s a fact.  It’s that time of year when we’ve got to be out in the yards, tending to gardens, braving the spring elements.  The rain may come, but our lives certainly don’t stop.  So keep your tootsies warm and dry this spring in styles with Zoubaby Rain Boots for mom and child.  I fell in love with the idea of matching monogrammed boots, I truly did.

Zoubaby offers top quality rubber boots with perfect initial stitching.  You have a few options in how you would like your boots personalized (font style and color).  The initial fonts come in traditional, script, circle, and serif.  The initial colors offered are white, beige, blue, hot pink, light pink, lime green, red, and silver.  I decided to go the classic route with white traditional stitching for both my daughter and I.  The monogram is done expertly and will certainly last and last.

Surprisingly, we did have some wet days here in the desert, giving us the chance to really test the rain boots.  We stomped around in the boots outside and during our errands.  We both walked in them with ease and had dry toes all day.  We also received multiple compliments on the boots pretty much everywhere we went.

Since they are not only water resistant but weather-proof, I’d imagine these would be great for light snow as well, as they have great big treads on the bottom.  I found they are also great walking around the city after sprinklers and gardeners have hosed down the entire sidewalk.  I certainly wished I had thought to bring these on our recent camping trip where one day was total monsoon weather.  The lining is a super soft knitted nylon that is cozy, keeping your toes warm but not overheated.  These are high quality rain boots that are a must have for every mother and child duo.  They also make great gifts, as personalized items do.   Classic at it’s best.

Purchase your own Zoubaby rain boots directly from their website at $90 for women and $60 for children.  Children’s sizes comes in 11-12, 1-4 and women’s in 5-11.

Special thanks to Zoubaby for providing samples for review purposes.

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