Monarch Chair {Alite Designs}

alite designs monarch chair Lightweight does not begin to explain the Monarch Chair, as it only weighs 21 ounces, yet it holds up to 250 lbs.  Great to keep in the car trunk, the Monarch Chair should go everywhere with you: camping, park, concerts, hanging out at a bbq…any place you might need a pop-up chair.  This innovative butterfly chair rests on just two back supports with the aid of your feet.  This design feature allows you to sit on any slope and adjust manually, making it the ultimate chair for the outdoorsy type on unpredictable terrain, not to mention anyone who enjoys rocking a bit.

The construction is sturdy, we know that now, but it is also very comfortable.  The thoughtful design really cradles the body making a long siesta in the chair a pleasant one.  The fabric has built in mesh for airflow purposes, which helps in warmer weather.  Great color options are available: black, red, blue and a yellow/white stripe.

Kids love the Monarch Chair because it’s truly fun to sit in.  I was worried my 5 year old was too fidgety for the Monarch, and turns out maybe she is, but she falls out of four-legged dining chairs so no surprise.  The upside is the chair sits very low to the ground so no harm no foul.  I don’t have the current luxury to test out my next theory (being with child and all) but I can imagine this might be a tricky seat after you’ve had a few drinks.  But, like I said, it’s low to the ground and would most likely be funny as opposed to painful.

The convenience of the Monarch chair is absurdly wonderful.  Compact, feather-light and ready for uneven grounds, this should be the go-to compact chair for everyone.

Product was provided by Alite Designs to facilitate this review.

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