the minimalist’s guide to morning skincare


When I was in my 20’s my bathroom vanity was overflowing with half used skincare products – and new products were always arriving. Now at 32, I’ve streamlined my skincare routine to fit my lifestyle. My mornings may now revolve around my two kids, but I still make time for myself and skincare is always a priority for me. Not gonna lie, I totally still love trying new products and finding new favorites is like finding gold… which is what happened about 3 weeks ago when I swapped out my old serum for Perricone MD’s best-selling cult classic, Cold Plasma Plus.

First step to my morning skincare routine, coffee.  Just kidding, but no really, nothing happens before coffee.

the minimalist’s guide to morning skincare

Let’s start with my everyday skincare routine, which covers all of your skin’s basic needs without cutting into too much of your morning.  While I’m not willing to compromise on the quality of my skincare, I really do think there can be too much of a good thing. Let your products work their magic (which might be hard as the 7th layer of goo) by keeping it simple. On lazier weekend mornings, I’ll often be trying out other skincare products – mostly facial treatments, masks, exfoliators, etc – but during the week I keep it to these 4 skincare staples:


Night time is the most crucial time to cleanse your skin, which I’ve been told you should actually do twice. One wash may not effectively cleanse your skin of all the environmental toxins AND makeup, so give it two passes. I prefer using an oil cleanser first, which helps to get off hard-to-remove eye and lip makeup, and then following with a regular cleanser. In the morning, I very quickly wash my face with a regular cleanser or skip right to toner.


A toner will help restore your skin’s pH balance and helps protect your skin by tightening pores after cleansing. I always reach for a toner containing lactic acid, which exfoliates your skin and reduces fine lines and breakouts. Exfoliation is key to getting that glow, and toners are the perfect way to gently exfoliate every day.


Serums do the heavy lifting in any skincare routine. They are multi-taskers, offering a wide range of skin health and appearance improvement with fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture, moisture, firmness, etc. Serums can be pricey as they often contain the most expensive anti-aging ingredients – so I do suggest this is where you splurge (see my recommendation below).

SPF moisturizer

There is no leaving this one out of your routine – always finish with an SPF moisturizer. Make sure you choose a moisturizer that is a broad-spectrum sunscreen, meaning one that protects from both UVA and UVB light. Choose a sunscreen that is greater than 30 SPF. I’d also recommend avoiding chemical formulas, and opt for a mineral- based sunscreen (zinc oxide).

It might take a few trial and errors before you find your four perfect skincare staples, since our skin is all different, but I’ve got to let you guys know about the most incredible serum. About 3 weeks ago, I started using Perricone MD’s best-selling cult classic, Cold Plasma Plus, and I want to shout from the mountaintops how much I love it. I don’t have a mountain, but I have a blog.

Lately, my skin has been… challenged. Maybe it’s just shifts that happen in your early 30’s, maybe it has to do with my kidney troubles last year, maybe it is this dry Palm Springs climate, maybe a combination of all three… but I’m just starting to see fine lines appear, my skin tone become uneven, and even some breakouts. I’ve always had dry/combination skin but it has been more noticeable as of late – so I was super excited to try a new high power serum that everyone seems to love.

It is nearing 3 weeks since I started using Cold Plasma Plus and I started noticing changes right away – well about a week in. After just 4 or 5 days, I noticed some redness I had around my cheek/mouth area was completely gone. My pores began to shrink, my skin appeared firm but plump (i.e. hydrated) and even some pesky, tiny breakouts on my chin (that have been there for ever) disappeared over time. After only a week, I was already raving to my BFF, which is how you know something is really working.

Before I started using Cold Plasma Plus, I checked out the reviews online (like any other normal human). What I read was that this product is a miracle in a jar. The only negatives I could find were about the scent, which many found unappealing. Periccone MD must have been paying attention because this NEW Cold Plasma Plus Face Advanced Serum Concentrate is now not only more powerful than ever before, but it also totally scent-free.

We all love to find new makeup that makes us look and feel beautiful, but a skincare product that does the same is just so much better. With my newly improved skin texture, evenness and straight up natural glow, I sometimes just go makeup free (which hasn’t happened in a long time). This product has truly revived my skin and given me the confidence to dare to go bare (cheesy, but true!).

At $150, this serum is a splurge (for me at least) but I keep my other skincare rather basic. Serums are where you should splurge, especially when you find one so powerful and effective. I couldn’t imagine not having Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus in my morning skincare routine for the rest of eternity. To purchase your own and learn more about this amazing product head to –> Perricone MD website. You can also purchase the Cold Plasma Plus Power Duo which is the Face serum I’ve been raving about + Cold Plasma Plus Eye.

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