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I bet you’ve never really thought too much about the bath mat you use on a daily basis. I’m here to tell you that the reason you don’t think about it is because you don’t own a Microdry memory foam bath mat. The justification for this statement is because once you own one, you will put them in every bathroom and have to fight the desire to carpet your entire house with them. To say that they’re amazing, dreamy, heavenly is such an understatement. Hello, my name is Erin and I’m in love with Microdry carpets.

First let me tell you about their bath mats because my daughter also thinks that these mats are her sleeping quarters. Made from a memory foam, like all of Microdry’s other products. Their bath mats are super-soft and absorb water twice as fast as other materials. This way if you’re stuck with the second shower of the morning, you aren’t left with a sopping wet carpet to greet you as you exit the shower. There’s a 1/2″ of memory foam in this mat, which you’ll love standing on. With a slip-resistant base, you’ll never have to worry about it slipping out underneath your feet like other mats.

Now I want to share with you something else that you might not be aware of. Microdry actually sells kitchen mats as well. Pick your jaws up from the floor so that I can finish telling you about them. In my house, most of the floors are travertine tiles. If you’re not familiar with these tiles, let me tell you that they are extremely unforgiving. It would actually cause my husband and I severe pain to either cook or wash dishes. You would never find me standing there doing either task in bare feet. Usually I’d wear my orthopedic looking flip flops because they offer me the most support. If I’d ever forget to use them, I’d have to take breaks in the family room because I would get severe pain in the heels of my feet. My husband has had back surgery and still to this day has two hemorrhaged discs in his back. So he would have pains in his back when standing on our tiles for too long. Enough about our aches and pains, but it is relevant here, I promise. In enters Microdry’s kitchen mat. Made from the same luxurious memory foam, this God sent carpet has a rubber backing so that it will never move around. This is an important feature if you have elderly visitors to your home. I’ve seen several people slide and trip on carpets that slide around in kitchens. This will never do that. The support on this carpet is absolutely unbelievable. I no longer wear shoes while in there and I haven’t had pain in my heels since it’s joined our family. Scout’s honor. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I recommend their kitchen rugs.

Walk into any Bed Bath & Beyond and you’ll find a table full of Microdry’s bath mats. You’ll se a big sign saying “Touch Me” and I suggest you listen. There’s a reason that they’re right there in the front of the store. Because they’re AWESOME!! You’re bound to find one to match your bathroom color scheme because they have almost every color I can think of. Head over to Microdry’s website here to see all of their wonderful products and to see where you can purchase in a store near you.

Special thanks to Microdry for providing a sample for review purposes.

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