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Every year that passes, the busier my schedule becomes and I bet yours too!  I thought babies were time-consuming but, it turns out that older kids are just as demanding.  As my kids grow older, their agendas become even more cramped, but being busy with school, extracurriculars and family trips is all part of the fun.  I’m cherishing these full days with family…

…but this morning, I nearly lost it and it will happen again.

busy moms on the go

Today was one of those mornings where I just felt so overwhelmed.  I couldn’t move or think and was throwing back ashwagandha supplements and drinking calming teas .  Luckily, I had my husband to talk me down from the ledge and also take some tasks off of my packed to-do list.  Here was what was on the list today: 2 kids’ homeschool classes, 2 kittens and 1 dog to the vet for shots, cheerleading practice, mucho blog work due, schedule dog and kitten sitters and other general planning for next week’s 5 day road trip around Arizona.  Just… too much.

…and in the middle of all that, the kids needed a couple hours to run at the park.

kid swinging

Being a mom is no easy task but it is, by far, the greatest thing I ever hope to succeed at. This school year has been my favorite so far, jam-packed with lots of fun learning, adventures and outdoor exploring. But just because it has been full and fun doesn’t mean it has been easy.  Life a homeschool mom is certainly rewarding but it will leave you mighty weary at times.  What I’ve found to keep me fueled is incorporating events, field trips and daily outdoor fun into our school schedule – as MUCH as possible.

kids at the park

With the kids busy at play, I find lots of stolen moments for myself where I can just BREATHE.  The local parks are the absolute best for moms who need a little break.  I’m the type of person who goes bonkers trapped inside, so just laying in the grass in the shade of a big tree fuels my soul; it reenergizes me.  Wanting my kids to have more outdoor play has always been a big reason for me to choose to homeschool each new school year, and so it all works.  I get outside, they get outside and we all are happier for it.

moms on the go

Speaking of fuel, come mid afternoon, I need a protein pick-me-up.  I’m sure you busy moms do too!  I already bring a little cooler lunch bag for the kiddos everywhere, so why not bring something for me too?  That’s a really common thing for us moms to forget – snacks for ourselves!

Dannon ® Light & Fit ® Nonfat Yogurt Drink 4 pack or Dannon ® Oikos®  Nonfat Yogurt Drink

Yogurt has long been a daily staple for me and also my kiddos.  It’s just always one of those things I bring with us on trips long and far.  It provides energizing protein with no fat or added sugar required!  Clearly, no spoons allowed in my car and so I LOVE these portable Dannon® Light & Fit® and Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt Drinks.

 Dannon ® Light & Fit ® Nonfat Yogurt Drink 4 pack or Dannon ® Oikos®  Nonfat Yogurt Drink

I live in the desert so I basically always have a cooler bag with me.  I even keep a huge cooler in my car for grocery shopping, year round, which is another blog post.  When we head to the park or out on the road, these 4 packs of Dannon Drinkable Yogurts from Walmart are always in my cooler bag.  We all live these go-go-go lives now and the inconvenience doesn’t have to affect our ability to snack healthy!

mom at the park

Before you head out on your field trips, day excursions and days out on the open road, stop at Walmart.  In the yogurt section you will see a variety of Dannon Yogurt Drinks, my favorites being:

Heading to Walmart?  Save $1.00 with this ibotta offer when buying the yogurt drinks!

kids at play

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