A Long Day Of Childhood {App}

Give em RaguHave you seen the commercials from Ragú lately?  The ones from A Long Day Of Childhood campaign?  Surely you cannot forget the one with the little boy who walks into his parents bedroom unannounced… how traumatizing.  My favorite commercial from the campaign is a mom committing one of the grossest mom sins I can think of — the licked finger cheek swipe.  *cringe*  That is certainly a long day in that kids childhood!  See that video here.

Ragú recently launched the “Give ‘Em Ragú App”, available on Facebook and download on your iPhone or Android.  This app is for all of you who love the A Long Day of Childhood campaign and want to join in on the fun.  With the app, you can make your own videos set to the theme of the commercials you see on TV.  I planned on just giving it a try but soon found I had made five different videos, each more hilarious than the last (well, to me).  Photos and videos can be uploaded from your camera roll or straight from Facebook.  They can also be taken within the app.  Next you add the description in and voila, a personalized commercial for you and yours.  It is real easy to do and easy to share via your social media outlets.  Let everyone see just how hard childhood can be for your kid (or break out some old photos or videos from your own long days of childhood).

This is a lighthearted app that is truly geared towards the parents experiencing their own long days of parenthood.  So if you are looking for a cheap laugh, climb aboard.  What kid doesn’t like to see themselves as the star of their own commercial?  Get started by downloading the “Give ‘Em Ragú” app.  Be sure to share it with the grandparents as I’m sure they will get a chuckle from them as well!

This post is brought to you by Ragu; all opinions are 100% my own.

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