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scopeI have an addiction to curiously powerful flavors. the stronger the better, especially during this pregnancy.  Sour can’t be too sour, bitter can’t be too bitter and so on.  This addiction has led me to many meals with technically too much ginger, garlic and raw onions, which has led to a lot of powerful breath.  Never in my life have I needed so much mouth wash!

To spare my family from my dragon breath, I rinse with the new Scope Outlast,which is one of three varieties, the other two being Classic and Dual-Blast.  Scope kills 98% of bad breath germs, the Dual-Blast contends with the powerful food odors (like that bully, red onion) and Outlast lasts up to five times longer than brushing alone.   The Outlast leaves a tingly fresh feeling behind that isn’t obnoxious, but is certainly there.  A swish before you leave your house and you will have super pleasant breath at playdates, meetings, running errands — wherever the day takes you.

So for this product review, Scope sent me Scope.  The Outlast sat on my sink for an afternoon maybe before I noticed it had moved over to the other sink, meaning my husband’s.  He is the occasional cigar smoker and the day the new Scope arrived happened to be one of those occasions.  I decided this was an opportunity to get another person’s two cents He said it was powerful enough to take on the cigar aftertaste, which is pretty impressive, and it lasted “for hours afterwards”.   Dad approved.

You can find Scope at all drug and grocery stores including Walmart.  Fresh breath & courage, 1 oz at a time!

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This post brought to you by SCOPE. All opinions are 100% mine.

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