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lightweight rainboots you can adventure with

This post is sponsored by Totes Cirrus but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Outdoor adventuring is at the heart and soul of my family. You would think our outdoor options are limited here in the desert but since we are in Southern California, it’s quite the opposite! One quick day trip and we are at the beach, in the mountains or at the lake – covered in sand, toppled by snow or soaking wet.

Another fun fact about the desert, when it rains, it floods. Since it doesn’t rain as often, our landscape (and infrastructure) is not super set up for rain flow. Some of our favorite local hiking spots experience crazy flash flooding, especially the canyons and valley preserves. As we proceed into fall and winter and spring, which I’m thrilled about because I am SO over Palm Springs summer, our hiking gear starts to change.

Outdoor adventuring in the desert can be a bit tricky. The weather fluctuates harshly, and like I mentioned before, a little bit of rain goes a long way. When we are hiking with the kiddos, we keep to familiar areas and familiar trails, but I’ll admit our favorites are those with creeks and tall canyons. I’m a Gold Award Girl Scout (that’s right) so I always trail prepared and as the wet season comes, rainboots are top of the list.

Rainboots tend to be heavy, unforgiving and clunky. I wouldn’t normally consider them to be a practical thing to carry in my hiking bag or backpack, but just maybe things have changed. Totes Cirrus Rainboots are tough as boots, light as clouds. These flexible, lightweight rainboots are a necessary addition to your fall/winter adventuring gear.

The cooler nights are already starting, the first signs of cooler days to come. I can’t tell you the excitement that brings me and the long list of future explorations is growing. One thing is for sure, I’ll be bringing my new favorite rainboots with us on our travels to water and snow! These Totes Cirrus Rainboots feature Everywear™ technology, which  makes them 60% lighter than other boots. Not only can they fit easily in your pack, but they also feel comfortable and light on the foot. In fact, it really feels like you’re not wearing boots at all!

I love my tall Totes Cirrus Rainboots, but my daughter’s ankle rainboots are so crazy cute too. These are even easier for traveling and perfect for crashing through creek beds and leftover rain puddles. She loves the bright aqua color and the ease of slipping the rainboots on and off.

While I’m excited to have new functional rainboots, these Totes Cirrus Rainboots are also quite fashionable, no? If you live in a wet climate, I could easily see these rainboots in day to day occasions around town. In my dreams, we will eventually move to the PNW where I will no doubt own the full range of Totes Cirrus Rainboots.

Learn more about Totes Cirrus Rainboots HERE!

Check out more images of these waterproof, lightweight and stylish rainboots and buy your own pair HERE!

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