When life gives you lemons, make your own luxurious {body scrub}

Every time I am shopping a body shop of sorts, I run into the most wonderful body scrubs that have almost all the ingredients that I have at home. I always ask myself “Cara, why don’t you just make it yourself?” Well, I finally did and the outcome was even better than I anticipated. I may even give them out as a holiday gift this year. Ikea has great glass jars that have a rubber lined seal that works perfectly for packaging this scrub.

I like lemon in mine, because it is such a refreshing smell in the morning. You can always add a essential oil that you like best. This is also a great hand scrub that you can keep next to your sink. I love how it keeps my cuticles soft.

Here is my recipe for lemon body scrub. Happy scrubbing!


Begin by mixing 2 ½ cups of Sugar with 1 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add in 4 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice (or essential oils you prefer).

Mix this really well until a gritty paste forms and spoon into a air tight container of your choice.

To use: Just before showering, swirl ingredients together with your fingertips to mix. Clean body completely and just before exiting shower, apply Citrus Salt Body Scrub to body in a firm circular scrubbing motion with hands or a soft washcloth. Rinse off the mixture and pat body dry with a clean towel.


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