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answering the quirky questions {the pregnancy test}

Looking to fill the perfect gift basket for your mom-to-be?  The Pregnancy Test, by Melissa Heckscher and Emily Sikkin, MD, is the ideal book for any pregnant mom (or husband of a pregnant woman).  Pregnancy, especially the first time, can be so stressful.  You are constantly questioning everything, wondering if you’re normal.  Nowadays, being pregnant puts so many restrictions on you, and it can be difficult to keep up with the don’ts and do’s.  This will raise a lot of questions.  Some of these questions can be too embarrassing to ask your OB/GYN or even your friends.   If you are currently pregnant, I bet you can think of a few questions that have buzzed around your hormonal head.  Our bodies change so much during this time period, and it seems like no one addresses the rainbow of differences to come.

The Pregnancy Test contains 150 questions with answers. Some questions may seem silly, common sense, or downright ridiculous to you.  But they are important to know the answer to during this fragile state you’re in.  You may think you know the answer, but what if you are wrong?

What kind of questions, you ask?  Here’s a few:

•  Can I ride a rollercoaster in my first trimester?
•  Is it safe to pump my own gas?
•  Why is hair growing around my belly button?

Every expectant mother should own this book, whether it is you, your wife, or your friend.  This book makes an excellent gift, and as I mentioned before, a fantastic addition to any mom-to-be gift basket.  Purchase your own copy of The Pregnancy Test from Amazon.

Special thanks to Quirk for providing a sample copy for review purchases.

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