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What to leave the Easter Bunny {important life questions}

My daughter asked me today what we should leave the Easter Bunny this year.  She proclaimed that it was not fair to bake fresh cookies for Santa, and then turn around and throw some baby carrots out for the Easter Bunny.  She is convinced they (and other holiday/occasion icons) meet once a year to discuss these things.  Wanting to leave the best impression possible, my daughter decided not only should we bake a treat, but we also needed to leave a beverage (since Santa gets milk).

We quickly decided a house favorite, Carrot Lemonade should do the trick.  This beverage, made widely known by the First Lady, is a constant in our house.  Not only is it packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, but it is also delicious!  No sugar added in this healthy recipe found on BHG.  Make a big batch to ensure you have enough left over for Easter breakfast/brunch.

The baked part of the equation was not as obvious as the beverage.  When it comes to carrots you can make most anything: cakes, muffins, breads.  Since we were going the healthy route already, it was clear we needed to follow through.  After some back and forth, my daughter had decided that the Easter Bunny is absolutely vegan, which made sense to me as well.  Based on her knowledge of bunny diets, she revoked the baked goods idea and opted for a lettuce wrap.  I love my little healthy foodie!  So lettuce it is, filled with delicious  julienne vegetables and lots of sprouts.  With a long night ahead of him, we opted to throw in some tofu for protein.

I was thrilled to have solved the mystery of what the Easter Bunny eats, at least at my house.  It was a great time to reinforce the importance of healthy eating habits, and also to test my daughter’s knowledge (A+).  Not ready to end the conversation,  she dove into Santa’s unhealthy weight and a much needed revamp of the snacks we leave for him.  A beautiful outcome it was, chatting with my 5 year old about setting a positive example for others.  What will you leave the Easter Bunny this year?

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