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Kranich’s Jewelry for Mother’s Day {gifts for mom}

Kranich Mother and Child Pendant

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we are all thinking about being mothers and our own mothers.  We’re thinking about the special bond that only a parent can have with a child, and more specifically, the bond a mother has with her child.  I, of course, love that we have our own day as mothers and I hope you are all celebrating accordingly.  It’s also important to point out that being a parent is a year round job and should be celebrated and appreciated as so!

I cannot help it.  When I hear Mother’s Day, I hear jewelry clinking together.  While looking for some unique pieces to showcase for you I came across the respected Kranich’s Jewelers, who since 1903 have been a cherished jeweler and fine gift shop.  While I had previously known about their excellent variety of quality engagement rings, especially the Princess Cut Engagement Diamond Rings I had never looked into their Mother collection. No time like the present!

The first piece that jumped out at me was out of the Mother and Child Pendants, specifically the one you see to the right.  I love the connection and embrace that it symbolizes.  It captures the essence of that unbreakable bond so elegantly.  To make it the perfect gift, top it off with a gorgeous diamond.  Now mom can wear this pendant for any occasion.  You can find this same design in other jewelry styles such as by ring or earrings.  They are available in 14kt yellow or white gold and with the option of no diamond.

I’ve mentioned that I am a big fan of birthstone jewelry for parents and granparents before and Kranich’s has some beautiful (and customizable) options.  You can design your own Mothers Ring quite simply by making a few quick selections.  Choose up to 9 stones, depending on the size of your family.  Next you have the option of 10 or 14kt gold (in yellow or white).  With your custom options in, you can then choose from a broad selection of styles.

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