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My daughter loves to play games and is constantly laying guilt trips on me until I cave, toss my work aside, and play a game with her.  She loves board games and anything princess, so I knew she would really be into Kindness Kingdom, sent for review. This unique game reinforces manners, teaches etiquette and builds positive social skills in young ladies.

Kindness Kingdom is proof that manners will get you everywhere (like to the winner’s circle).  My mom is still telling me this (and I’m 28) but she is absolutely right.  She had me in etiquette classes as a little girl and I never got away with being rude at home or anywhere else.  My daughter is six and she pretty much runs the full spectrum, going from incredibly polite to real stinkin’ rude, a real boundary tester.  She sometimes also puts her foot in her mouth in public, so every etiquette lesson I can give her the better off she, and society, is.

Upon opening up the game and all of its components, I was slightly befuddled.  I was looking for some indication of where to put the neighborhood cards and coordinating tokens on the board.  The picture on the directions showed them all in the box, but I didn’t like the idea of sorting through the tokens each turn.  We settled on placing the tokens atop their designated neighborhoods on the board and leaving the cards in the box.  The RSVP cards (for turns) we put to the side as well as the tea cup and Baby Daisy tokens for easy access.

neighborhood cards organized in box, tokens placed on board

kindness kingdom review manners game in_the_know_mom

kindness kingdom review in_the_know_mom

kingdom kindness review in_the_know_mom

The story of the game is the players have been invited to a formal tea party, hosted by Queen Gracie.  To get to the Golden Gate, and ultimately the tea party, each player must traverse the gem-studded game board by answering manners and etiquette questions.  There are eight neighborhoods of situations like: at school, at home, on sports teams, etc.  Some of the questions are pretty obvious and some are rather hard!  It had me second guessing myself more than once.  I could see my daughter’s brain really in gear thinking about the right answer.  The topics range from lighthearted to serious, and are good segues into important conversations like bullying and how to handle tricky or embarrassing situations.  There are plenty of questions to keep the game interesting play after play.

kindness kingdom game review in_the_know_mom

cute tea party invites as player tokens

kindness kingdom etiquette game review in_the_know_mom

Kindness Kingdom review in_the_know_mom

My daughter and I both agreed that the charm bracelet is one of Kindness Kingdom’s best features.  Each player (up to 4) receives a board with a charm bracelet on it.  As you answer questions correctly in the neighborhoods, you receive adorable tokens to place on your bracelet.  There are also bonus questions along the way when you land on tea cups and Baby Daisy.  Very cute detail!

Kindness Kingdom review in_the_know_mom

Kindness Kingdom is a fun game for little girls and I do think it has a lot of benefits for building character, positive social skills and good manners.  I think the directions need to be redone to give more clear game set up and rules rather than just tell the story.  For example, I wasn’t really sure what to do if a player did not answer correctly.  Did they still get a token and move on?  Not get a token and move on? Draw another card? Skip a turn?  but the questions are thoughtful, the story is adorable and the game is well made. I love the bright graphics and whimsical storyline of Kindness Kingdom.  It is quite girly and cutesy but has more than enough quality substance to balance it out.

kindness kingdom review

In a world where little girls are bombarded with women who seem to have lost their manners, or never had them to begin with, Kindness Kingdom is absolutely refreshing.  Purchase this game for the little girls in your life (boys can play too, of course) online at Kindness Kingdom for $35. Keep in the know by liking on Facebook.  Game is for 2-4 players, ages 5+. Proudly made in the USA!

Product was provided by Marvelously Well-Mannered to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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