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Kiinde Kozzi Breastmilk and Bottle Warmer {Nurture Your Nutrients}

Having a bottle warmer really helps speed up the process of warming your babies’ bottles. While they are also more convenient and quicker than soaking bottles in a warm water bath, they are not always the safest. Some bottle warmers heat the milk or formula too quickly causing hot spots.  Additionally, if the steam is too hot it can break down important nutrients in the breast milk.

Fortunately, Kiinde has designed a breast milk and bottle warmer that eliminates these risks and concerns. The Kozii warmer uses warm flowing water that safely heats your babies’ bottles. Unlike some other warmers, you can put your frozen milk bags directly into the Kozii warmer, saving you the extra step of soaking the frozen milk and then heating it up in a bottle warmer.

I store my breast milk in BPA Free plastic bottles.  Even though they are BPA Free, I am still concerned about the plastic getting too hot and releasing chemicals. My husband, who is the one that usually bottle feeds our 9 month old, has to defrost or soak the frozen bottle first. Then he pours the milk into a glass bottle followed by warming it up in a bottle warmer.  With the Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer, we no longer have to worry about the release of any nasty chemicals that can come from heating plastic bottles. Their patent- pending technology circulates warm water, creating a safe and efficient way to warm the bottles and eliminating the risk of releasing those dangerous chemicals.

One of my favorite features of the Kozii breast milk and bottle warmer is that you no longer have to measure and add water with each use. Instead, the reservoir needs to be refilled about every 5-10 uses.  As a safety feature, you can not allow the warmer to run dry, as it will stop working permanently if allowed to run dry more than 3 times.

Rid yourself of worry and save time! Purchase your own Kiinde Kozii breast milk and bottle warmer here.

Product was provided by Kiinde to facilitate this review.

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