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keep fit and stay warm winter hiking tips

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Depending on where you live, staying active during the winter months can be a difficult task.  Keep fit and stay warm with these winter hiking tips plus Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup found at Walmart. The snow may be dumping, the wind may be biting and daylight may be limited, but do yourself a favor and get outside! Don’t stay cooped up in a gym trying to get your wintertime burn.  A perfect outdoor activity that works year round is hiking and the only thing that changes as the months pass by is the gear.

dress like an onion

Enjoying yourself while outdoors depends a lot on what you’re wearing.  If you are not comfortable, you might be miserable.  In the winter, remember to layer, layer, layer like an onion.  It may feel freezing when you step outside, but once you start moving, you will warm up fast.  Best to give yourself layered options.  Wear warm, thick socks and proper hiking shoes (these will be your most important investment) and pack any necessary winter accessories like gloves, hats, earmuffs, etc.

consider the elements and terrain

Seasonally appropriate clothing is your best protection (including a waterproof shell), but if you’ll be out all day or possibly into the evening, consider adding instant warming packs, a small camp stove/fire starter and warming space blankets to your basic first aid kit.  If hiking in snow, you’ll want waterproof gaiters, possibly snowshoes or crampons and definitely don’t forget your trekking pole.

check the weather

Plan your hiking trips ahead of time by checking the weather forecast.  Remember to check the forecast again just before you leave as the weather can be quite fickle, especially during the winter.  You never know when those storm clouds can come rolling in!

keep it familiar

Seasonal extremes are not the time to tackle new and/or expert adventures.  Plan for trails you are quite familiar with and look for routes that are short and of moderate terrain.  Save the new treks for spring and fall! It’s also important to note that starting early is advised.  Daylight is very limited during the winter months, so getting a early start ensures you’ll have time to enjoy nature before the sun goes down.

use the buddy system

It is always a good idea to bring a hiking buddy or three with you for safety reasons.  Anything can happen out on the trail and a friend will be the best thing you bring if you’re in trouble.  Plus – taking in gorgeous views is always more fun with someone else!

warm up lunch

Nutritious snacks are a must when spending the day exercising out in nature.  In cold weather, hikers can burn up to 50% more calories than normal, especially walking in snow.  When the temperature drops, consider bringing warm liquids in a quality thermal canister – something that will warm you up from the inside.  Broths and soups are a favorite of mine and they give a real tummy and morale boost on a cold winter’s day.  The bonus to bringing liquid meals with you is they also act to rehydrate you, which we all know is key when exerting yourself outside.

Any variety of soup will do, but I particularly love to bring creamy soups on my hiking trips.  They are easier to eat on the go since you can basically drink them, even while walking.  Nothing warms the soul better than tomato soup and a favorite of mine is the new Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Tomato and Carrot Bisque.  Bisques are my jam and this delicious blend is perfect in flavor and texture.  100% vegetarian, the Tomato and Carrot Bisque contains 2 full cups of vegetables and just a touch of cream to smooth it out without being too heavy.

When I saw new first on the shelves of my local Walmart, I couldn’t resist.  I’ll admit, I was won over by the packaging as I often am.  I just can’t resist great packaging.  I have tried all 9 flavors and loved them all for their fresh, natural taste as they contain no artificial flavors, colors or ingredients. For those worried as much about BPA as I am, it’s nice to know that these soup cans have a non-BPA lining.

Soups are something I always keep on hand as they are great last minute mealtime solutions, ready to go and easy to prepare.  The Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup line does not disappoint with natural, fresh ingredients in classic combinations.  January tends to bring out the best healthy intentions in us all, and having easy nutritious meal additions waiting in the pantry definitely help keep us busy parents on track.

Find Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup at Walmart in the soup aisle with other Campbell’s soups.  Be sure to pop in during the in-store demos at select Walmart locations during Feb 16 – Feb 19.  While Walmart offers the lowest price on these delicious soups (no surprise there!) look for a coupon in the Sunday paper on Feb 12 and also March 12.


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