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Coffee is always a welcome beverage in the homes of parents, especially one as quick and easy as from the Kaldi by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  This sleek brewer delivers coffee, tea and espresso all within a flash.  Ideal for your home or others, the streamlined Kaldi is a great gift option for this season.

The Kaldi is CBTL’s flagship brewer, and it is easy to see why.  The metallic, sleek finish makes this a countertop focus, a modern addition to any kitchen. It also declutters since it is a multitasking machine.  The twin pressure system provides high pressure (15 bar) for espresso and low pressure (3.5 bar) for coffee and tea.  It is quite amazing to watch your husband brew an espresso and then a hot tea for you, all in the same machine, without any cleanup in between.  With the capsule system, there is no immediate cleanup at all.  Period.  The used capsules are dispensed into a tray below that can be dumped after a few uses.  This is a highly convenient feature, especially for families with little time in the morning (or afternoon or evening).  With our traditional coffee brewer (which does not brew espresso or tea) making a pot of coffee is a real commitment.   It grinds whole beans so the setup and cleanup can be excruciating, often leading to a caffeineless monster of a parent, too busy to have a morning brew.  No longer!  The Kaldi is an absolute Godsend for the busy types.

front view of setting options, back view of removable water reservoir, a selection of CBTL capsules

Kaldi CBTL

With a multitasking product, there is sometimes the question of is it a jack of all trades, master of none.  When I first read about the Kaldi, I was skeptical for just this reason.  But as soon as the brewing system arrived, beverages of all kinds were being created, and I have to say they were all great quality.  With our Kaldi machine came a sampler pack of capsules: coffees, teas and espressos…even a decaf espresso, which I found to be rather odd.  To each their own!  Once the system had been properly initiated, filled with filtered water and primed, we popped in Intenso Espresso and with one touch of a button, it was brewing.  The final product comes fast and hot, at the perfect sipping temperature.  There is no need to sit around waiting for blistering hot beverages, the Kaldi produces perfect temperature brews.  I cannot see any cons to note on CBTL’s Kaldi.  It delivers on what it promises and is a great gift for this holiday season.  If you are twisting me arm, I’d say the tea isn’t as strong as I would typically make it, but I do like it very strong, like triple-bagged strong.  So maybe my opinion doesn’t count.

It is important to note the Kaldi is only as good as its capsules.  Three categories exist: coffee, espresso and tea.  I have tried about 8 of the capsules so far and have no complaints, but I do have a few favorites.  From the coffee section, my favorites are the French Brew, a deep, smoky, almost chocolaty roast, and the Viennese.   My favorite of the espressos is the Intenso, and it is just that, muy intenso.  Being a tea girl, I was really excited to try the CBTL teas and my top two favorites are the Moroccan Mint and the Chai Tea (with a dash of cream).  These capsules can be purchased at various locations (I found some at my local Coffee Bean and Ralphs).  They can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon and the CBTL website as well, and I *think* I also saw them at Target.

The CBTL Kaldi Single-Cup Brewer comes in four great colors: crimson red, aquamarine blue (see above), pearl white and piano black, and retails at $179.  The capsules are priced around $6-12 for a pack of 16.  The price seems to vary by pod type and sometimes location.

Product was provided by CBTL to facilitate this review.

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