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Joovy Ergo Caboose {double stroller}

When you’ve got one small child and one on the way, the double stroller is at the top of your buy list.  I personally will do anything to avoid the ultra wide types of double strollers.  I know if twins are in your future, this may be hard to get around.  But, I’d like to show you an alternative brought to you by Joovy.  The Joovy Ergo Caboose is a high quality double stroller that offers you several options for kid placement.  The front of the stroller offers an ergonomically designed mesh seat with harness and superior reclining options.  No more struggling to recline the seat, this one works with an easy magnetic recline lock.  It’s very accessible–right on the top back of the seat.  If you have an older kid, they can ride on the back stand-on platform or sit on the back seat with safety belt.  If you have two little ones, you can transform the back to adapt to an infant car seat.  It is a universal adapter–you’re already loving the versatility of the Ergo Caboose, aren’t you?

Let’s start at the front.  I was immediately impressed with the new design of the seat.  Instead of rigid plastic, this seat is made with a flexible mesh that sends the comfort level through the roof.  The seat is ergonomically created to relieve pressure points by dispersing baby’s weight across the entire seat.  This feature stays with your child as they grow and the seat transitions to fit.  When you have a tiny baby, nothing, and I mean nothing, is more important than their comfort.  It just makes for a happier family unit.  Another spectacular feature is that the canopy is the biggest I have ever seen.  It really covers and protects your precious cargo from damaging sun, debris or dust, and (with the help of the rain cover) rain!  It is rigid yet easily pulled back halfway or all the way.  Have a sleeping baby in there?  This canopy will create a feeling of black-out curtains and aid in their peaceful slumber.  What I found extremely unique about the canopy, is that it can continue all the way back, offering sun protection to your back rider.  The back portion can be completely zippered off, or vented.  While the sun’s rays won’t reach your sitting child, they can still see out through the dual windows.  Also on the front you have the convenience option of a full tray–perfect for snacks, toys, and drink, or you can simply attach two extra cup holders.  The tray attaches and can swing open, making it super easy to put baby in or take out, without removing the tray!

Front view: ergonomic mesh seat, swing open convenient tray, optional cup holders, extra large canopy to shade two passengers.

joovy ergo caboose double stroller review

So heading back, I want to talk more about the experience of the back rider.  You have two options here, which is so fabulous.  Most ride-along strollers just have a snap on board to ride.  Not the Joovy Ergo Caboose!  The back stand-on platform is safely, permanently attached.  There are also handles for the standing child on either side of them.  (Kind of like the O Sh*t handles in your car)  If your child wants to sit, there is a padded seat where they can be buckled in.  The riding board then becomes a footrest for them.  I love this feature as it puts your two kids close together under the hood.  While we’re talking about under the hood, let us venture down into the massive storage area.  This stroller is absolutely perfect to roll around town in–trips to stores or farmer’s markets alike.  You can fit your belongings and necessities in the storage basket plus a large shopping order.  The back  seat flips forward, giving you full access to the basket.

Rear view: stand-on platform (and bossy back tires), padded seat with safety belt, handles for back rider, large bottom basket

joovy ergo caboose double stroller review

Essentially, a stroller really is not doing its job if it doesn’t roll efficiently (no matter how many bells and whistles you attach).  It’s as simple as that, so how does the Ergo Caboose measure up?  It strolls like a dream!  It goes with very little force and the handling is great.  It takes turns and corners despite its elongated design.   This is mainly due to twin piston front wheel suspension.  This  “improves the performance of the twin sealed bearing rubber front wheels and gives your children a comfortable smooth ride with the least amount of effort by the pushing parent.”  Yes, please, and thank you!   The stroller is large but weighs in at just 30 lbs (not bad for a double!).  It is easily collapsed and opened again, making storing it a breeze (folds up rather flat).

Joovy certainly thinks of everything.  Every product I have reviewed from them has been top quality, but also inventive.  They will always offer you something that others aren’t (yet).  I like to be one step ahead in the baby game, which is why I am a Joovy Mom!  Purchase the Joovy Ergo Caboose for $399.99 – a total steal!  Here are a couple specs you need to know: front seats minimum age is 6 months (before then, they can ride in their carseat) maximum weight is 45 lbs and 40″ height; rear seat minimum age is 2.5 years and maxes out at 45 lbs and 44″ height.  I definitely have to mention the awesome optional accessories Joovy offers for the Ergo Caboose before I end:   Ergo Deluxe Seat Cover (for front and back) offered in EIGHT fantastic colors, Ergo Rain Cover in clear (covers front and back), Ergo Sun Filter to protect from sun rays and insects (airflow allowed still), and Ergo Neoprene Parent Organizer (offers 2 bottle holders and zippered pockets).

Ergo Caboose with full canopy, Ergo Caboose with back canopy removed and car seat with adapter in.

Joovy Ergo Caboose double stroller

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Special thanks to Joovy for providing a product for review purposes.

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