Creative Spaces {Idea Paint}

Whenever I have an idea I have to write it down, but I forget about it when I do not have my trusty notepad nearby. Chalkboards were always too dusty and white boards were always unattractive and bulky.  IdeaPaint has solved this problem with IdeaPaint HOME. Anything you can paint can become a dry erase surface in your home even a refrigerator. I especially love the easy to understand directions and cute containers labeled THIS and THAT. You can stencil any shape onto a playroom wall, paint a table, or a toy chest. Personally, I would just dedicate a whole wall and let your child’s creativity come to life.

Now, let us go over how environmentally responsible IdeaPaint is. IdeaPaInt is the most environmentally friendly dry-erase product on the market. Every year tens of millions of whiteboards end up in landfills…that is so scary. IdeaPaint is warranty-guaranteed and can be painted over instead of being thrown away, and requires less energy and resources to manufacture package and ship. What sold me was that it is formaldehyde-free and produces no off gassing once cured. Many schools are even  resurfacing there dusty chalkboards with IdeaPaint to combat the dust from the chalk that can bother students and teachers with allergies and asthma. I can go on and on.

Head over to to learn more about my new favorite product.

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