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hybrid baby carrier {Baby K’tan}

Baby wraps, baby structured carriers, baby slings, and all of their variations–it can be confusing, especially for new parents.  I have been through all types, finding pros and cons in each category.  They truly are categories because each carrier type has a set of adaptions. For me, finding the right carriers (yes, plural!) was to simply try them all out.  I quickly realized that I like multiple types or carriers for different situations.  My most used carriers were wraps and structured carriers, with the occasional sling–each having it’s own purpose in my baby-wearing life. OK…I know that is one of each type I listed.

Baby K'tan reviewBaby K’tan is a hybrid baby carrier offering you multiple ways to use it.  My initial feeling was pure glee.  I had already started to envision giving away all other carriers in my possession.  Then, I was struck with a light panic.  Multiple ways to use a carrier means a lot of confusion, right?  Secret: not only is it not confusing, it actually takes out the inevitable confusion of other baby wraps and slings.

Upon first inspection, I was pleased with the fabric.  I mean, that’s my first sensory experience with this wrap (since the color wasn’t a shock).  The fabric is super soft 100% natural cotton (available in organic and half mesh/half cotton as well) and it felt great against my skin, meaning it would fell great against my baby’s skin as well.  I pulled out two pieces and the light panic was replaced with a can-do spirit.

I took a deep breath and laid out the pieces on the kitchen counter and accessed the instructions.  There was a  three piece  figure “8” and there was also a separate sash (that doubles as storage tote, I KNOW!).  Unlike wraps, which make you remember proper wrapping patterns–and each brand is different, I easily slipped on this carrier in the “getting started” base position.  From there, I wrapped baby up inside the Kangaroo, Hug, Adventure, and Explore position.  This was easy to do and each position took minimal time (even on my first try).  Using a mirror, I was able to achieve all secure positions myself.  There is a hip and two-hip position that I did not try since baby was too young, but I could see this as being my favorite in the future.

How I felt in the carrier:  While testing baby was quite content and giggly, I wondered if the dreaded back pains were on a train towards me.  My biggest gripe with past baby carriers is the lack of back support.  I had days of agony in my shoulders and back, which makes for a cranky mama.  Sadly, I missed out on some of the early babywearing joy and placed my child into a stroller.  As time has marched on and companies have advanced, new ones have emerged–the world of babywearing has much improved.  With the Baby K’tan fully loaded in Adventure position, I went for a walk.  I was out realistically for about 30 minutes plus 5-10 in the house.  No pain, no pressure points being attacked.  It is truly comfortable.

Baby K'tan reviewA few bonus points: There is no tying or rings, which can cause stress as you wonder if you tied it properly. There just isn’t any fuss, and what mom to a newborn cannot appreciate that as a top priority?  You have got enough to stress about.  A safe and easy-to-use baby carrier does not need to be one.  Another great bonus is that you do not require a second set of adult hands to get your baby in or out of the carrier, in any position.  Also, this carrier is perfect for breastfeeding in public for support and discretion.

Cons: Since this is a sized carrier, it will not fit different sized people (i.e. husband, grandma).  I think the price point is pretty good so buying two does not seem like a big deal to me.  I had a little learning curve with figuring out how to adjust the back “X” myself as we moved around, but with a quick tug downward I got the hang of it.  That’s it for me!

Aesthetics and Limits: The Baby K’tan is available in nine different (pleasantly neutral) colors in 100% cotton or organic cotton (oh and also a breathable half mesh, half cotton).  The weight limit is from 8 to 35 lbs, talk about versatility and products that grow with your child.  Savings alert!  All carriers are machine washable and dryer safe.  These carriers are sized for you, which I love because I got such a tailored fit.  Find the size chart and keep this in mind if you are ordering for two different shaped people

As always, please, please read ALL tips, check points, and warnings when using a baby carrier.  I cannot stress this enough (for the safety of your baby and the comfort of you). There are super helpful videos of each correct position–so no excuses!

As I state before, I like the price of the Baby K’tan.  It is right on the money comparable to similar high quality carriers yet they typically max out at 2 positions.  This is money well spent as you will not only adjust it perfectly to you, but it will also last through the years.  A great things to point out is the Baby K’tan is a company who truly gives back.  We here at ITKM appreciate and love to acknowledge such beautiful companies.  To learn more about their work, head over to their website.   Purchase your own Baby K’tan from their online store, or find a retailer near you.

Baby K'tan review baby carrier hybrid

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Product was supplied for review purposes.

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