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how to take a deep breath during the holidays

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I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! With that past us, it’s time to laser focus on the holidays ahead! Buckle up and kick it into high gear; we’ve got to finish the Christmas decorations, check off everything on the shopping list, visit family, attend holiday events and the list goes on and on… As parents, we don’t stop; we keep going. While this season is absolutely magical and filled with so many exciting activities, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Avoid the holiday burnout by stopping to take a breath.

how to take a deep breath during the holidays

say no to one thing

I’m one of those moms too, the kind that has trouble saying no to anyone. I’m first to volunteer for just about everything, but the truth is, during the holidays this is unrealistic. There is just too much going on. Repeat after me: It is OKAY to say no. Say no to one (or 5) request during the season because a mom stretched too thin is no help to anyone.

do something for yourself

It is the season of giving and while we focus on others (we’re moms, it’s what we’re best at) don’t forget to give back to yourself! Take this opportunity to treat yo’self, whatever that may be (pampering appointment, Black Friday purchases for mom, set aside time to read). Make time for you.

how to not lose it during the holidays

set obtainable goals

While your Pinterest boards may be overflowing with Christmas crafts, DIY gifts and creative holiday recipes – you don’t have to do it all. Satisfy your inner crafty queen by choosing a small handful of realistic projects. Don’t overwhelm yourself with unobtainable amounts of Pinterest-perfect tasks. Keep it light and fun, and by all means, please feel free to walk away from these types of projects altogether if you’re so inclined. I give you permission!

run away

Run, just run! Make sure you come back, but taking a break is not only acceptable, it’s recommended. I hardly EVER leave my house without at least one kid, which is why sometimes I just run away. Escape on your own and go to your happy place – go shopping (but not for the kids!), go to the movies solo, spend the day with a girlfriend or head out into the quiet nature.

how to get through the holidays

This year has truly been the year of finding Sarah for me. I grew so much this year by taking a hard look at myself, making decisions, cutting out everything toxic and focusing on how to be my best me. Where it has left me is a much calmer, focused self and I’m ready to tackle the holidays this year. I swear, a huge part of this progress’ success has been taking time for myself. To be a happy person, you really have to be selfish some times. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or burned out, I know what to do – and now I actually do it – I head to the mountains with a large mug of tea, headphones and a new magazine. Here I can unwind, reset and return home a happier mom/wife.

Sunset® magazine has long been one of my must-reads every month. It features recipes, inspiring home designs and DIYs, travel/outdoor adventure ideas, and lifestyle tips for those of us living in the West. As an outdoorsy girl, I can truly escape the Hustle and Bustle with Sunset®. Not only does it help me unwind, I also learn a thing or two.

sunset magazine

Before I head out on a much-needed holiday escape, I stop in my local Albertsons for an extra beverage, snack and magazine. Find the latest Sunset® Magazine at your local Albertsons in the magazine and card aisle.

Where will you escape to during the holidays?

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