how-to: second day curls for busy moms (judgement-free zone)

Balancing beauty with motherhood can be really difficult. When you only have one little kiddo, it isn’t so hard – it actually isn’t hard at all… but when you add more to the equation and they grow older, it gets real. I’ve gone through phases where I’ve practically given up but I do try to keep a minimal beauty regimen in place. I do think it is important for moms to feel pretty and look presentable – though admittedly, we all have our hot mess mom moments.

I’ll let you in on a little mom beauty secret. If you want to really feel beautiful – have a little boy. My sweet Gabriel is my #1 fan and every time I put a little extra effort in (new dress, little curl to my hair, a bright pink lipstick) he is first to say, “you look pretty, Momma” It melts me.

While I would love to look glamorous for Gabe every day, yeah, that’s just not happening. I shared my minimal skincare routine a few days ago and my hair routine is no more complicated. Some days, I don’t manage a shower before getting out of the house, which is why my favorite look is “the second day curl” made possible by NEW TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Sprays.

I’m in a safe place here, right? You moms understand the struggle so no judgement on my second day hair! Freshly washed hair never gives the best curl anyway – a little texture helps a lot. Bedhead is a texture, right? I tend to like my curls loose, bordering waves so the second day (and sometimes third day) curl looks is really my favorite, but you have to give these recycled curls a refresh in the morning before you head to drop-off. Here’s what you need:

1. moisture/frizz tame. No doubt, bedhead can teeter on the edge of bird’s nest, so a finger untangle + a bit of moisture is needed. Use what works best for your hair: a curl cream, smoothing oil or curl enhancing spray… but make sure it isn’t heavy or greasy since we’re working with second day hair.

2. texture/hold. You’re starting off at an advantage on day 2 with existing texture, but you still need to add more. An all-over texture spray + wrapping your old curls around a finger will help bring the shape back to life. When you like what you see, spray with a mid-level hold hair spray. Done.

Often when people think of hair spray (who don’t use a lot of products) they think of heavy hold… helmet level hold. But, there are options! I am absolutely head over heels with the NEW TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Sprays I found at Walmart.

With 4 levels of hold, you can create any type of style – from beachy waves to perfect updo – without stiffness. The Micro-Mist technology uses superfine micro-mist particles that penetrate through the top layer of hair to provide deeper coverage throughout hair. Other hair sprays give out chunky, heavy particles that sit on top of the hair, creating that outer helmet look we all are trying to avoid.

I’m a mom. I’m always on the go and I need my hair to move with me. My mom style goal is to look effortlessly, naturally beautiful and hair that bounces and flows fits that style. This fast-drying spray comes out soft for a truly lightweight, flexible hold that lasts all day, making it the perfect product for second day curls!

The NEW TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Spray cans are smaller, using 50% less gas per pray than a traditional 11 ounce can YET is contains the same number of sprays. It’s nice to cut back our CO2 contribution to the environment every chance we get. Find all four levels TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Spray at Walmart with the other TRESemmé hair products. Learn more here!

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