How to Make Your Litter Box So Fresh, You Might Forget It’s There

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I love my cats, I really do, but the litter box, not so much. I need the litter area to be clean and odorless at all times or I get a little cranky! Luckily I have “how to keep a litter box area smelling fresh” down to a science. We keep our boxes in the guest room (unless we have guests of course) so there’s a lot of space and therefore great ventilation, which I think makes a big difference. But I’ve got 5 tips below for all litter boxes in all kinds of spaces below.

5 ways to keep your litter box area smelling fresh

air purifying houseplants (pet safe)

There are many houseplants available that are powerful air purifiers and detoxifiers. Before introducing any plants into your pet’s space, be sure to check and see if they are toxic to pets. Here are my favorite nontoxic houseplant options: bamboo palm, money plant, Boston fern, spider plant, areca palm, and the ones I have, calathea. Not only do they help control odor and air quality, but they just add a touch of pretty to an otherwise not so pretty space.

a litter mat

I’m not sure if my cats are just super litter challenged, or if it is this way with all cats, but my kittens get litter everywhere. They definitely don’t step out carefully, but instead jump out and fling litter. It’s super gross to me so life would be hard without a really great litter mat. Look for a litter mat that can trap even fine-grain litter scatter. I prefer one that I can vacuum easily.

a odor trapping litter box

Choose a domed litter box that can hold odors within and place it in a well-ventilated space. My litter box also has a built-in odor filter inside. If you have multiple cats, you need multiple litter boxes (one per cat is the general rule). This will keep the odor down and cats tend to like their own space anyway. My cats only go into “their” litter box that they prefer. With multiple litter boxes, I get away with not scooping every single day.

a wall outlet fragrance plug

When choosing a space to keep the litter box, look for an outlet. Outlet fragrance plugs are typically pretty strong and therefore perfect for overcoming pet smells. After I scoop the dirty litter, I spray an air freshener, but it really doesn’t compare to the strength of the outlet fragrance.

regularly scoop a high quality litter

Your litter choice is absolutely everything when it comes to odor levels. When we brought our kittens home, they came with a litter that was absolutely awful. It did not stop odors at all. We tried several after that, the worst being one that was heavily perfumed which made me sick. Then we settled on Tidy Cats® and I never looked back. Make sure to scoop regularly, daily is best though I’m more like every other day.

I’ve refined my litter choice to the new TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter. This unscented (thank you!!) litter still controls odor with the power of activated charcoal. These days, activated charcoal is in all kinds of my products from toothpaste and face wash to cleaners and now cat litter. I’m all about no added fragrances and dyes, so I really appreciate Free & Clean, which offers the odor-absorbing power of activated charcoal plus TidyLock® Protection to lock away odors.

Free & Clean clumps really well making it super easy to scoop, and it is 99.9% dust free. I pick up my TIDY CATS Free and Clean litter from Target where I usually get sucked into their other cat goodies. This trip I shopped the cat aisles, picking up a few extra toys and a new scratcher.  You never walk out of Target with only what you came for; that’s impossible.

My cats are still really kittens so they are very playful. I tend to like cats who are quiet, lazy homebodies… Hopefully that will come in time. Jake (the orange one) is always escaping the house to roam the neighborhood and coming home to pick a fight with Lilith. Don’t get me wrong, they have their fair share of cuddle and lick sessions… but these two fight like siblings (even though they aren’t).  That being said, they LOVE cat toys, so I’m always picking new ones up like these super cute sushi toys I found at Target.

And Lilith always needs to get her frustrations out on a scratcher, so I bought this one for her, also at Target.

I’m always finding the best deals at Target and today was no exception. I came for cat litter and they had all cat litter Buy one, Get one 50% off! Beautiful! Find TIDY CATS Free and Clean litter at Target in the aisle with other cat litters and cleaners.

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