how to live authentically: liberation

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Lately, I have been in a very reflective place, realizing I want to live truly authentic – liberated from negative thoughts or rules that I and others have set for myself.  I’m not so naïve  to think that I can achieve authenticity tomorrow – it is an ongoing, lifelong process, a process that will unlock happiness and pure enjoyment of life.

After living a very free-spirited, nomadic lifestyle, I finally feel my life stabilizing.  I just turned 31 last month, my oldest kid is about to hit double digits, we own our first home, we’ve set roots in the community with church and schools and we’ve even taken on the opening of a whiskey bar and restaurant this fall.  I couldn’t feel more dialed into Palm Springs life right now.  Now is the perfect time to turn inward and figure out how I can live an authentic life, true to me, even if I have to rewrite some rules.

self-awareness.   Step one to living authentically, is to figure out who you are – recognizing your strengths and accepting your weaknesses.  Think of it like an intervention – you cannot change what you do not admit.  Once you figure out where your imperfections are, decide if they are changeable.  If they are, consciously work towards that goal.  If they are not, accept them, admit them freely and forgive yourself.  To find yourself, you must sit in quiet time – this can be in prayer, in meditation, in chanting, in yoga… all of these calming practices can help you tap into your truths.

embrace your humanity.  Humans are far from perfect, like really, really far from perfect.  Don’t set “perfection” as a goal for yourself and don’t let others push that expectation on you either.  The goal of living authentically is liberation from these impossible expectations we put on ourselves and others.  You will truly feel free when you can be present with your flaws and still comfortable.  It’s all about acceptance of self!

define your values.  What do you want in life?  What values are important to you?  For a minute, stop thinking about what others expect from you (spouses, bosses, parents, society).  What are YOUR values and desires?  They may not be the same that you were taught growing up or in school or what is being pushed on you currently at work.  That’s okay.  Listen to your heart and gut intuition to find what truly matters to you and then pursue a life where these values/goals are the center of your world.

live with an open mind.  Too often, people are trapped in a narrow mindset.  Over the course of our lives, different people (including ourselves) give us rules that are “set in stone”.  Rules (another word for limitations) sometimes need to be rewritten.  I’m not talking about right vs wrong criminal or basic kindness rules, I’m talking about life rules, rules that tell you who you should be.  Shouldn’t you be in charge of setting those rules for yourself?

recognize when you are being inauthentic.  There is no magical switch or secret potion.  Pursuing an authentic life will always be that – a pursuit.  So, it is important to recognize when you are becoming inauthentic. How to tell?  Feelings of being stuck or bored, unhappiness, excessive stress… these are clues.  Are your actions aligning with the core values you determined to be important?  Are you being insincere?  Life and its stresses will pull us off track – figure out how to get back on.

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Check out this video about being you, bravely for more inspiration.

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