how to give back to your local animal shelter

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This past Earth Day, I was looking for ways my kids could give back to our community while being eco-conscious. One idea that came to fruition was to donate old towels and blankets to our local animal shelter. It was such an easy and rewarding experience for both my kids and me, so I thought I’d do it again – and more! If you’re here, I bet you have adopted from an animal shelter before. The love that comes from a an animal in need of a home is so special – give back to the shelter that brought your furry friends to you! While I don’t see us rescuing any more kittens any time soon, we can still help other kitties in the shelters thanks to the Litter For Good™ program  – learn more below!

The Palm Springs Animal Shelter is the only public shelter in the Coachella Valley operating under the no-kill philosophy. They depend on our community to adopt, foster, volunteer and donate to keep the doors open to all cats and dogs. I want to help them as much as I can – I know they need it! Thanks to them, I have these two cuties in my life and I couldn’t love them more.

how to give back to your local animal shelter

donate unopened pet food

While shelters are usually looking for blankets, beds, toys, water and food bowls, leashes and collars, grooming tools and cat litter, they will definitely always accept unopened pet food. Have a picky cat who doesn’t like the new flavor of food you purchased them? Don’t throw it out – drop it off at the shelter.

donate old towels and blankets

I love to buy new bath towels, pool towels and blankets, but what to do with the old ones? Instead of throwing them out, drop them off at the animal shelter. Each animal needs a cozy place to sleep so they need a lot! Beyond items for the animals, your local shelter has other needs like office supplies and cleaning supplies.

check the website for requests

Before you head out and buy a bunch of items, check with your shelter to see what they need most. Different shelters will have different needs at different times. Our local no-kill shelter created an Amazon Wish List for their website where you can order items and they are shipped directly to their facility. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

donate your time

I was told, if you want to help, chances are your shelter has a volunteer opportunity for you! Volunteers are needed for all kinds of things like: community outreach, community cat programs, animal care and socialization, office and customer service help… just call and give your skill set. They will find a job for you! You can also be of help outside of the shelter. Shelters are always looking for foster homes, so if you’re okay with opening your home but not looking to adopt, this might be perfect for you. Teens can often volunteer as well if with an approved parent.

adopt, spay/neuter and educate others

We need to address the problem of homeless animals first. Every year, 3 1/2 million cats find their way into a shelter or rescue and they need homes! Instead of buying animals from pet stores and breeders, rescue one in need. To go the extra mile, consider adopting a less desirable animal like a senior cat. Kittens are cute but animals of all ages need love! Educate your friends and family looking for a pet to do the same. Encourage others to spay and neuter their pets (and strays if they are able) so they don’t contribute to the homeless pet population.

purchase Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light®

For every green jug of Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® purchased, another pound of litter is donated to a shelter. There are so many great shelters out there, making a difference every day, and they need our help to go on. Many are struggling to keep the shelter even open. If you know of a great shelter local to you – nominate them to receive a litter donation!

Both Jake and Lilith were rescued by our local shelter, one at a house fire and the other just homeless on the street. They are not related but were the same age at their times of rescue. I initially wasn’t planning on adopting any kittens, let alone two, but they pulled on my heart strings. They were SO tiny, all curled up together, and I just knew they needed to come home with me. I couldn’t imagine life without either of them!

The timing of the adoption with really perfect. Just days later, we would have to surrender our dog after an incident involving my son. We were all heart broken but the new kittens helped soothe our aching hearts. I think because of that, we bonded with them even quicker. I definitely suggest adopting two kittens together since they are so playful and in need to a companion. These two are yin and yang – one feisty and wild, the other chill and affectionate. How did we get so lucky?

Make the switch to the green jug! Don’t forget to nominate your local shelter, the one who rescued the kittens/cats you now call family. To do this, head to Cat’s Pride® Litter For Good and sign up for the free Cat’s Pride® Club. In the club, you’ll also find valuable coupons and incentives throughout the year, as well as updates on the program donations and shelter highlights. Find the green jug at most any local grocery or big box retailer.

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