deep clean your body for summer

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Every year around this time, as the weather warms and the summer clothing comes out, I focus in on deep cleaning my body from the inside out. It’s a great time of year to flush out toxins, slough off winter dryness and polish everything until it shines. More exposed skin definitely requires some overdue maintenance and along with that, a gleaming, white smile. One crucial part of this deep clean is adding daily-use products like a great skin exfoliator, an SPF lotion and a toothpaste with charcoal. A healthy, glowing smile is a crucial part to your summer body!

Incorporating charcoal into your beauty routine may sound trendy but there is nothing new about it. Charcoal is one of the world’s oldest detoxification remedies, used internally and topically. While I use the ancient ingredient in lots of different ways, an absolute favorite practice is in my toothpaste. Charcoal has an uncanny ability to whiten and brighten teeth, so its a must-have ingredient for me!

For the longest time, I mixed up my own toothpaste/charcoal mixture and if you’ve worked with a bag of loose charcoal powder before, you know how MESSY it is. I mean, it gets everywhere and it is hard to clean up. Once toothpastes with charcoal were readily available in stores, I was super relieved. You don’t have to look far or spend much on the new Colgate Essentials Toothpaste with Charcoal which removes stains and impurities for whiter teeth and fresher breath. Just swing by the toothpaste aisle on your next Walmart trip and pick up a tube! You’ll be amazed by the whitening power of charcoal, truly.

how to deep clean your body for summer

A white smile is just one part of this deep beauty clean. If you want to be swimsuit-ready, full of energy and devoid of toxins, follow these other tips:


There is no way around it, every cell in your body needs water. Water not only keeps your skin and hair looking healthy, but it also flushes toxins from your body. I aim for 1/2 a gallon of purified water a day. Add a detoxifying boost by adding fresh lemon juice or ACV to your water. Feel free to joosh up your daily water intake by infusing it with fresh fruits, cucumber and herbs.

fruits and vegetables

One thing I’ve learned is that it isn’t just about what you DON’T eat, but also about what you DO eat. Even if you are not a clean eater, adding more fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to your diet makes a huge difference. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants all keep your body healthy, energized and detoxifying. The more you can cram in, the better you will look and feel!


Summer is all about skin exposure, so it’s important to really exfoliate, buff, polish and moisturize your entire body. Take some time to scrub away dead, dull skin from head to toe. Since it is also sandal season, maybe take extra care of those feet!


There is a lot that a nice soak can accomplish and where better a place to exfoliate? Prepare a bath (not too hot) and include detoxifying, relaxing salts. A simple bag of Epsom salt is really all you need but feel free to add in essential oils like lavender or ginger. Remember to moisturize directly after the bath while your pores are still soft and open.


Sweating is a great way to remove toxins from your body. You can achieve this through exercise, which is always a great idea, or you can hit the sauna at your gym. Some research as found that you do sweat out urea, metals and more toxins like BPA and phthalates, despite cynicism from some who say its a myth – so get your sweat on!

Who is ready to deep clean their bodies?! Let’s hit summer looking and feeling our best! For that summer smile bright as the summer sun, head to Walmart and pick up Colgate Essentials Toothpaste with Charcoal. You can find it in the oral care section with other Colgate toothpastes and toothbrushes.


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