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As December is just around the corner, the holiday cocktail party invites will soon start pouring in.  In fact, I just received one from my neighbor in the mail today!  No one wants to show up at a party empty-handed as we all know how much work being a hostess is.  Bringing food is a great idea, but can be tricky when you don’t know what’s already provided, what the guests will like, or if anyone has food allergens or intolerances.  Easiest way to bring a gift the host/ess will love – wine and champagne.

A real lifesaver during this season of parties is to keep a stockpile of wine at home.  For me, this certainly isn’t a problem as I have a huge love for wine.  A wine cooler has always been a must for me as it serves three purposes:

  1. wine for me
  2. wine for hostess gifts
  3. wine for guests

I know my friends really appreciate me keeping an assortment of wines at a perfect temp, ready to pour.  That’s the key too – don’t just keep your favorite type(s) of wine in your cooler.  I like to have a wide variety of wines at the ready from dry to sweet, red and white, sparkling, etc.

In order to keep a nice variety, you’re going to need a boss wine cooler you can count on to keep your bottles at the right temperature.  I’ve had wine coolers in the past that simply struggled all day to maintain the right temperature, never actually keeping the bottles cool enough.  This also made them an energy zap and probably added quite a bit to my electric bill.  Now I have the NewAir AWR-290DB Compact 29 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler, a dual zone cooler that keeps 29 bottles at their ideal temperature and humidity.

The five beech wood shelves slide out for easy bottle access and are adjustable to fit different sizes of bottles.  My last wine cooler only had the capability to store all of the bottles at one temperature.  This limits the types of bottles you want to store together.  I was always having to leave my reds out on the counter to warm up a bit, just to accommodate my preference for colder whites.  With this NewAir wine cooler, I can separate my varieties, according to how I best like their temperatures.  The top zone is for whites as it’s temperature range is 40-50 degrees and the bottom is for reds in a temperature of 50-66 degrees.  I also keep my champagne on the bottom because I like mine at 50.

I mentioned humidity control earlier, which is also very important when it comes to correctly storing wines.  This NewAir Compact 29 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler comes with a small tray on the bottom to keep distilled water, which like in a humidor adds humidity.  Does my husband store cigars in this cooler when he’s run out of humidor space? Yes.  Another detail you probably have noticed, is that this wine cooler features a really pleasant blue light, which not only gives the cooler a fun glow, but helps when you’re choosing wines in a darker room.

Remember when I mentioned my last wine cooler was super inefficient?  This one features a compressor cooling system, meaning it comes back to temperature REALLY fast, even when a guest leaves the door open for awhile *grumble grumble*  It also means, less vibrations – so less noise and more efficiency (aka better for the environment) and also, better tasting wine.  A wine cooler that has a lot of running vibrations really disrupts the sediments in wine, killing flavor.  So many wins!!

You can purchase this amazing NewAir AWR-290DB Compact 29 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler on Amazon.  Check out more NewAir products here and keep in the know with NewAir on social media:

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