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I’m sharing #SoMuchMore in my life as part of a JOHNSON’S® + Save the Children Partnership sponsored series for Socialstars™

It is easy to get wrapped up in our own kids during the holidays, but let’s not forget about the kids in need.  It is, after all, the season of giving.  You don’t have to have deep pockets to make a difference, though!  JOHNSON’S® has an amazing app called Donate a Photo where you share a photo and they donate $1 to a charity of your choice.  Donate to Save the Children and they will triple their donation!  The charities they’ve chosen are all geared towards helping children reach their true potential, through early childhood development programs, medical assistance and emotional support.  Get ready to submit a lot of photos, think your own kids or throwbacks of yourself!

Download Donate a Photo right now in the iOS app store or Google Play

Yeah, that’s me in the trashcan! #fbf

Scanning through the list of charities, I became super choked up.  My son Gabriel was born with a cleft lip and every day I am grateful I never had to wonder if he would have correctional surgeries. While it has been a difficult road with multiple surgeries, speech complications and fears of the future, we are blessed beyond imagination.  His team at CHLA is unbelievable – talented, thoughtful and always there.  His surgeon, who volunteers his time and skill with a charity, will even answer my terrified-mom texts at 3 AM every time.  I am lucky and so is Gabe.


I often sit back and wonder what Gabriel’s life would be like if our situation was different.  We should all be so thankful for the opportunities and care available to our children from medical to education, to safety.  Not only has Gabriel received all of the medical attention he’s needed, but he also attends speech therapy (as he deals with apraxia, a motor disorder tied to the cleft deformity) and early childhood education specialized to him.  Gabriel has every chance to succeed in life, like EVERY kid deserves, but doesn’t always receive.


Save the Children is a charity close to my heart and I donate to them every holiday season.  Every day, millions of babies miss out on opportunities for development and growth due to poverty, lack of early stimulation, poor health/nutrition, and lack of early education. These kids need our help, which comes through Save the Children.  They are committed to training parents and caregivers and giving them the tools they need to stimulate children’s environment and brains.

JOHNSON’S® believes every child deserves a fair shot at a vibrant future, sharing the same vision as Save the Children.  So this holiday season, choose Save the Children and JOHNSON’S® will triple its donation!  If you feel strongly about supporting early childhood education programs, this is the charity for you.  This campaign ends 12/9 so don’t wait to start submitting photos; you can donate one photo a day.  Help them reach their goal of up to 50,000 photos donated!

As if you needed any more encouragement to donate a photo to Save the Children, learn more about the why and the what in this video:

Download Donate a Photo right now in the iOS app store or Google Play

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