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you had me at hello {Hello Mellow }

Hello Mellow skincareHello Mellow. The name in itself is an exercise in relaxation.  Go ahead, say it out loud!  It feels good!  This is one  book you can judge by its cover; the products feel amazing too.  Hello Mellow butters,  balms, scrubs, and  sprays are made only of fine natural ingredients ~ no fillers or preservatives.

Hello’s founder,  Tracy Feldstein takes the nurturing of minds and bodies very seriously. She is a healer and massage therapist who made it her mission to concoct “the cleanest, most supportive, nourishing all-natural lotions, potions, butters and oils to use on her clients. ”  Now we can all reap the benefits!

For a limited time, Hello Mellow is offering their holiday Joy  line, scented  delicately with juniper berry  and sage.  These products are full of winter spirit!    The line includes their well known avocado-mango body butter which literally melts into your skin leaving it extraordinarily moisturized.  I am prone to dry skin in the winter, but this mixture has kept my skin supple like never before!

Tracy has also created an intoxicating Joy energy shifting spray.  The name says it ~ it truly lifts my spirits!  And because it is non-toxic, it can be used anywhere; face, body, linens, even spraying the air around you is an uplifting experience.  Spritzing this directly onto my face upon my 6 a.m. wake-ups to wrangle my girls to  school has reinforced my belief in the healing powers of essential oils!  It has turned my normally hectic mornings into a much calmer experience for all.

Perhaps, my favorite thing about Hello Mellow’s Joy Products (though it’s hard to choose) is that  a percentage of the proceeds of all joy products go directly to Helen’s Room, a free support center for women undergoing treatment for cancer.   There are beautiful gift sets available ~ why not give a gift that keeps on giving ~ to an abundantly worthy cause!

While you’re checking out the Joy line, take a peek at Hello Mellow’s other products (including a maternity line) and scents, such as uplift, relax, rejuvenate, balance, empower, and arouse.  After my experience with the scent of Joy, I’d be willing to bet they do what they say!

Hello Mellow provided products to facilitate the review.

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