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healthy, simple homemade baby food recipes {Sage Spoonfuls}

Sage SpoonfulsI’m noticing this trend in all aspects of my life, which is the over-engineering of things. I’ve noticed that a lot of the baby food recipe books are completely over done. I think it’s wonderful for the parents who have time to make a 5 course puree meal for their baby using extremely fancy items, but for me, it’s unrealistic. That all being said, when a new parent, or even a parent of several kids who finally decided to try to make their own baby food goes to make their first batches, it’s not an easy task. Not only do you have no idea where to really start, but a lot of the recipes out there are extremely involved. When my daughter was born, we all rushed to this blog with recipes by age. My first recipe was a complicated broccoli cheese soup that took forever to make and gave her so much gas! Apparently Liza Huber, author of Sage Spoonfuls, thought this exact same thing.

Not only can you buy all of the accessories needed to create, store and travel with your own homemade purees, but her book, Sage Spoonfuls, is the holy grail of all baby food cookbooks. Sage Spoonfuls is truly the only book you’ll need because she breaks down everything you need to know in one handy book. You’ll learn all about the benefits of going organic, Allergies and food intolerances (and what to look for), nutrition basics, herbs/spice knowledge, foods to avoid and even choking and infant CPR techniques. Then she goes into detail about the tools you need, shopping lists, preparation of the foods, how to puree, how to serve and store the purees.

Ok, if that didn’t sell you, I need to explain to you why I truly love this book. As I mentioned earlier, most recipes books try to impress you with their complicated recipes that they guarantee will wow your child. But when you go to the grocery store, you see basic items on the shelf that your child loves. Liza explains to you all the Sage Spoonfulsbasic foods to cook for your child. By basic I will give you an example of what I mean. She breaks the sections off into age of the child. We’ll use Banana as an example. She tells you how many ounces one banana will make. Tells you all of the vitamins you’ll find, how to prepare it, serve it, take it on the go and everything else you need to know about pureeing your own bananas. Then she tells you all of the wonderful combinations that work well with bananas. Both fruit and vegetable options and how to mix them together. I LOVE THAT! I swear, I haven’t found this in any other book. I’m so excited for my next baby to arrive here this summer because I’m going to be a baby food making machine once they’re able to eat food.

Head over to Sage Spoonfuls here and save yourself some serious frustration by avoiding all of those other recipe books. Look no further because I found it for you!

Special thanks to Sage Spoonfuls for providing a sample for review purposes.

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