Smudge-free Stainless Steel Cleaner {Caldrea}

If you have stainless steel appliances, you know what a chore it can be to keep them smudge-free.  I’ve tried several stainless steel cleaners and found them to be a giant waste of money.  For the past several years I’ve been using olive oil, applied with a soft cloth, to keep my stainless steel stuff shining.  Olive oil works well, but is a bit of a production to apply.  So when I tried Caldrea’s Stainless Steel Spray, which is actually an olive oil based product, I was thrilled (yes, these things do excite me) with the streak-free results.  The spray is easy to apply and takes half the time of straight olive oil – no precise wiping necessary.  I also find that Caldrea’s Stainless Steel Spray actually prevents smudging and fingerprints, cutting down on how often I need to wipe the appliances clean (bonus!).  I have the lavender pine scent, which is pretty strong but a pleasing smell that doesn’t linger for more than a minute or two after applying it.

Caldrea products are eco-friendly, based on plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, and free of harsh chemicals.  Caldrea has several different fragrance lines to choose from, including:  Mandarin, lavender pine, sweet pea, sea salt, basil blue sage, ginger pomelo and sandlewood.  I’ve tried both the mandarin and lavender pine scents, and they are both great.  I especially like the fresh citrus scent of the mandarin, and love that you can buy all their products in any of the scents so you can have a unified clean smelling home.

Caldrea has a current promotion for $10 off of orders of $50 or more.  Check out their website for details (valid until July 4th, 2011).

Special thanks to Caldrea for proving a sample for review.  Photo credit: Grounded.

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