healthy habits for families to practice together

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Teamwork makes the dream work and there is no better team than family! We are a health-focused fam who loves to nourish our bodies with plant-based foods and stay active. Well, three of us… and the little one will get there in time. Even healthy eaters can have picky kids I’ve learned! In an effort to teach my kids good habits now that they can carry with them through their lives, I keep the following healthy habits.

healthy habits for families to practice together

be the food boss

You and you alone are responsible for your child’s nutrition. You make the money, you buy the groceries and you bring the food into the house. It is a huge responsibility and a chance to create a passion in your kids for healthy foods. Be the boss, make good decisions starting at the grocery store and the kids will fall in line. Like I mentioned, I do struggle with a picky eater, but I focus on the healthy foods he does like (fruits, veggies in smoothies, etc) and don’t give him junky options.

don’t let yourself go hungry

You should never let yourself go hungry or it can turn into hanger, and we all make bad decisions when hangry. There actually is a hunger hormone that spikes when you go too long without a meal and it takes 30 minutes to regulate… so you end up eating more than you need and then wind up feeling stuffed and tired. Avoid this by snacking throughout the day on trail mix, granola blends, fruit with nut butter, a spoonful of healthy leftovers, etc. Make sure to provide your kids with access to the snacks.

mandatory 20 minutes of exercise a day

Don’t over-complicate exercise by buying a gym membership you’ll never use. Commit to 20 minutes of exercise EVERY day at HOME. There are a ton of quick workouts you can do that require no time. I like to do a simple routine in the morning of squats, calf raises, push-ups and crunches with sets of jumping jacks in between. I have been doing this same routine since I was 16! I kill two birds with one stone during this 20 minutes by doing my oil pulling at the same time. Winning. By doing it at home you are setting a great example for you kids – have them join you and make it fun!

plan active vacations

This summer, spend less time chillaxin’ and more time exercising by staying active. Challenge your family to a hike, a few more hours walking around town, rent bikes for the day… whatever fits with your destination. It can be tempting to spend your vacation at the hotel or by the pool, but vacations are a perfect time to really get active as a family, even if it is just walking 10 miles a day around Disneyland. This shows kids how to incorporate exercise into everyday life in a fun and practical way.

get outside and play together

One of the first rules of being a “present parent” is to play with your kids. Get outside and get involved with what they are doing – a backyard baseball game, game of H.O.R.S.E, playing in the pool… whatever it is, don’t just sit on the sidelines. I know we all want to be that parent and sometimes life gets in the way – work, exhaustion, other responsibilities… but make the effort. Playing together builds healthier relationships and stronger bonds as a family, while being a great source of exercise!

cook together, eat together

I wish I could say we all eat dinner, around the dinner table, together every night. It doesn’t happen but I certainly try. My husband’s work schedule as a dual-career person is all over the place… and I struggle to walk away from my never-ending, undefined job online for sit down meals. But when I can, I make the effort to get us all together for dinner and I think this is a very healthy habit to be in. Note that if your schedules don’t work for dinner, gather for breakfast! Involving kids in the cooking process is also a good idea for multiple reasons: to teach basic cooking skills, educate them about nutrition and expose them to raw ingredients.

wind down together

Spend the end of your childrens’ day together, bonus points if it is away from the TV and iPad. There is nothing wrong with a good family movie night but a relaxing family game night with conversation is even better! We love UNO in our house so that’s usually what we play in the evenings if we’re all home. Don’t forget story time afterwards!

take multivitamins as a family

A daily multi-vitamin is a great way to start every day. It is a good habit to have the kids in and, of course, an easy way to nourish their bodies. We like the NEW Better-For-You Natrol Gummy Vitamins, which use better ingredients and a cleaner ingredient label. Natrol Gummies contain non-GMO, organic ingredients, are vegetarian, and contain no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

I have to say, also – they taste REALLY good! They are softer than other chewy gummies, which I really prefer. They kind of melt in your mouth! I’m thinking this is because Natrol uses fruit pectin, not icky gelatin which is made from animal by-products. Seriously gross, guys!

The thing about nutrition is that we have individual needs as women, men or children. I love that Natrol offers individualized gummy vitamins for the whole family. Sometimes men aren’t as supplement-savvy as women, but anyone can handle a simple multivitamin. The Natrol Men’s Multi Gummies are the perfect addition to your husband’s side of the bathroom.

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