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Welcome to my favorite month – November!  November wasn’t always my favorite month, but once we moved to Palm Springs in the Southern California desert, it quickly became the month I looked forward to all summer long.  The summer heat is unrelenting and it pounds down straight through early fall.  November 1st marks the true end of stifling summer heat here and the beginning of paradisiacal perfection.  Now we will have months of warm sunshine days with cool breezes, chilly desert nights and even some rainy days.  ahhhhh…

We are an outdoors-loving family and a favorite spot of ours to escape to is Joshua Tree.  You’re probably going to be seeing a lot of Joshua Tree on the blog for awhile now that perfect camping weather is here to stay!  There are a lot of great camping spots around us (of course we love the snowy mountain locations too) but there is something undeniably magical about Joshua Tree.  If you’ve been there, you’ve felt it.  That area can turn even the crankiest Type-A into a carefree bohemian.

camping in joshua tree

camping in joshua tree

Anyway, I’ve been going camping my whole life and, honestly, I feel more at home in a tent than I do anywhere else.  My parents really emphasized the importance of being out in nature and, looking back, it feels like we were always on or planning our next adventure.  I’ll do it any way – under the stars, in a tent or in an RV.  I even embrace glamping, which we’ll be doing in a few days, so look for a post on that next week!  Back to this trip…

camping in Joshua Tree

When you go camping as often as we do, you come up with different ideas and themes for activities and meal plans.  Obviously, we’re all harvest-crazy so this last time, I brought assorted fall fare – squash, pumpkin, apples, pears…  These are all items that roast very well, just wrap them in foil with a bit of coconut oil and salt, roast, ba-boom delicious!

My favorite recent discovery is campfire-roasted butternut squash with melted brie…

I had the brie with me because cheese, cured meat and crackers are always on the menu.  I try to stay dairy-free but special occasions like camping don’t have rules, plus my daughter is totally an enabler!

The most important part of my camping food haul is nuts – seriously I never leave without them.  When it comes to pure energy to keep on hiking, climbing or exploring, nothing can beat nuts.  Sahale Snacks® Honey Almonds Glazed Mix is my new obsession, which is the ideal grab-n-go solution for us adventurers.  While they are perfect-portion-portable size, what makes them really fantastic is their yummy salty and sweet flavor bomb appeal.

These days I’m thinking more and more about my food: where it comes from, what it really is and why I’m eating it.  I’ve been testing out pescetarianism, which is like being a vegetarian but would rather die than give up fish and seafood (because I couldn’t) + I’m mostly diary free and mostly gluten free… do I have commitment issues? maybe.  What I’m saying is that once you start thinking about your food, it is hard to stop and I love that Sahale Snacks® thinks about their products from seed to shelf.  They are committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients while improving not only the environment, but the suppliers they work with.  We are living in a conscious time and need to support the companies who are ethically committed to working towards a better world – plus? amazing taste!


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