hanging and draining bath toy storage hack {DIY}

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The bathtub is a great place for toddlers to learn while they play.  There are so many great toys available now from sports to arts and I think I have them all!  Yes, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to buying bath toys, but my son absolutely loves his daily bath and everything that goes along with it.


Storage begins to become a bit of an issue when you have too many bath toys, though. You can’t just throw them all into a toybox because they need to be able to drain first.  Sure, we have all all of the scooping toy holders and mesh bags affixed with suction cups, but they never hold EVERYTHING and the suctions fail a lot.

On a hunt for bath toy storage that drains, I saw a hanging wire fruit basket and had an aha! moment.

hanging fruit basket for bath toy storage #CraftedExperience

I was convinced I would be doing some sort of DIY with baskets, chains, wire clippers and spray paint… but there it was, a three-tiered hanging wire basket that was already black to match our shower curtain!  That is when this DIY idea turned into a product HACK.  love that.

hanging fruit basket bath toy storage hack #CraftedExperience

What you need:

  • hanging tiered wire basket
  • waterproof metal sealant
  • spray paint (optional)
  1. If spraying the basket another color, spray in long, fast strokes.  Allow to dry completely.
  2. Spray metal sealant all over in an even coat.  Allow to dry.
  3. Hang and arrange toys.


I still have a suction cup bag of water flutes, wall letters and numbers, since they are a light and wont loosen the suction, and there is another bag under the sink of back-up toys, but my hanging basket gets my son’s favorite (and the cutest) squirters, boats and xylophones. I mean, they are really cute and I don’t mind looking at them, they kind of add something whimsical to the kids’ bathroom.


True story: my husband purchased a sack of the worst toilet paper ever last week.  It must have been on close-out sale and he must have been wearing sunglasses (or totally blind) because it was 1-ply, ONE PLY.  Can you imagine? Anyway, I was relieved to realized I was tasked today to go purchase luxurious Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Bath Tissue!


Bath tissue is an important part of any family’s day.  As you see above, we are in the middle of potty training, so we go through an awful lot of toilet paper and I always want it to be not only soft but STRONG.  The last thing I need is my toddler using tissue that can’t stay together!!  Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® with Cleanstretch® toilet paper has a unique construction that limits tissue ripping and separation.  I already purchase this brand on the regular because I trust the established name, so count me on board!

Find Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® in Walmart in the aisle with other toilet paper. You can also grab all the supplies you need for this bathtub toy storage hack, including awesome bath toys, at Walmart – one stop shop!

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