Halloween and Harvest Mantel Decor

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Who here would prefer to create one mantel for the entire fall season – covering Halloween, Thanksgiving and the all around autumn feel?  I’ve got my hand up.  When October rolls around, I always feel conflicted with my decorating choices, especially as a mom.  While I prefer the harvest and autumn décor, my kids are looking for a little spook.  Thankfully, the season’s traditional décor cross over quite a bit.

harvest and halloween mantel

How to mix Halloween with Harvest in your décor


Seasonal décor is going to work for both harvest and Halloween and what could be more fall than pumpkins?  Real, faux, bedazzled… pumpkins are perfect options September – November.  Gourds, dried corn and autumn squashes are also easy and inexpensive décor ideas.

natural elements

With the cool weather here, we find ourselves outside more often, enjoying the beautiful season.  Bring some nature in by incorporating autumn landscape: colorful leaves, bare branches (adds a bit of spook), cotton bolls, dried wheat, bales of hay, dried flowers and pinecones.  Feathers can also be another great addition, browns for a bohemian feel or black for an extra Halloweeny punch.

fall harvest and halloween mantel decor

fall autumn mantel ideas

neutral and earth tones

Forget the heavy black and neon purple Halloween décor.  If you want your decorations to last through Thanksgiving, stick to autumnal colors like browns, yellows, beiges, rusty reds and – of course – orange.


Summer is all about easy breezy, thin fabrics but fall is the total opposite!  Add in different textures and fall patterns like burlap, crushed velvet, flannel, etc.  I especially love the velvet pumpkins.

fall and autumn decor

add subtle spook

I’m a mom, so I can’t totally cut out spooky Halloween décor on a main focal point in our house!  I just add it in small doses.  I tend to like skulls in natural tones because they blend so well with my earthy autumn colors, so that is what I chose.  Other subtle spooky add-ins: crows, bats, spiders, bare trees/branches – whatever your favorite is.  A little spook can go a long way!  My skulls can easily be removed after Halloween or swapped out for more harvest decorations.

animal skulls

This summer I purchased a huge bison skull from a vintage store, which now is on the wall next to my mantel.  It would look great above a mantel as well, which is why I’m bringing it up.  The bison skull (which needs a name, I know) quickly became one of my favorite year-round décor items we have and it is so fun for the holidays!  I can’t wait to wrap its horns in lights for Christmas, but an animal skull is really perfect for Halloween.  My kids need a little Halloween magic, so I added spider webs and a few spiders to the skull.  I particularly love how the spider webs add movement to our décor when the air conditioner is on (which is always here in the desert).

decorating a bison skull halloween

Fall is my favorite season here in the desert because it means lots of entertaining and house guests.  As the weather chills around the US, people flock to Palm Springs in search of those warm summer memories.  Every October I remember why I wanted to move to the desert in the first place – it’s total paradise now until next summer.

While my current landscape may be all palm trees and cactus, the fall décor remains the same.  When my guests arrive and settle in, I want them to have that warm and cozy feeling that only fall decorations can bring!  I also want them to be greeted by a clean, crisp and pleasant smelling home, which I keep covered with the help of Febreze ONE Fabric and Air Mist.

fall autumn mantle decor

First thing to note, Febreze ONE contains no aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes. As a mom, pet-owner and individual who really cares about my wellness, that is important! Its main job is to eliminate existing odors, solving the current problem. Febreze ONE then leaves behind a light scent that is so refreshing and never heavy.

febreze ONE bamboo review

I started out with Febreze ONE Mandarin, which is absolutely delightful – bright, light and citrusy. Since I’m the type of girl who has to change her perfume, deodorant and conditioner scents on the regular, I’ve switched to the Febreze ONE Bamboo scent for now. I love how refreshing and earthy it is. These are scents that can work in any room in the house from the bathroom to the guestroom to the litterbox.

febreze ONE air mist review

With one single pump, Febreze ONE sprays a fine mist into the air or onto fabric. Speaking of fabric, it is SO perfect for freshening up your seasonal throws! When you’ve used up your bottle, you can purchase Febreze ONE refills to keep your whole home smelling delightful all season long.  Don’t cover up smells, eliminate them with Febreze ONE!

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